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    World of Krynn - Bios

    World of Krynn - Bios

    Quinn Longbranch

    Name: Quinn Longbranch
    Race: Half-Elven Ranger
    Sex: Male
    Age: 66 - Appears to be in early 20's.
    Height: 5'4" (1.63m)
    Hair: Brown, Shoulder Length.
    Eyes: Green

    Because of Quinn's elven heritage, he has a youthful appearance, despite his age. He is usually clean shaven, and his brown hair is shoulder-length. He tends to wear tan leathers when traveling. He carries a long bow, a long sword, and a dagger as his primary weapons. His horse is a tan stallion. Quinn is an expert archer and tracker.
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    Denia Moonsong

    Mage, (currently red-robe)
    Hair: red, straight, very soft, waist length
    Eyes: grey
    Weapon: long dagger and poison darts hidden under robe.

    Denia was the daughter of migratory minstrel and seamstress. Her parents resided in Solace during the winter months to avoid the cooler climates of Northern Ansalon. When her parents discovered Denia's magical talents, they allowed her to study magic and take the test. Before the test, Denia was arrogant as she was smart with a perfect memory for remembering spells. In LaDonna's wisdom, she humbled Denia by making her test so difficult that Denia's memory faltered and now shatters except under dire situations.
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    Kaganesti elf / Silver Dragon
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Blue
    Weapons in Elven Form: Proficient with Long Bow.
    Weapons in Dragon Form: Shapeshifting, and the ability to breathe a cloud of gas which paralyzes enemies, followed by a cone of cold.

    Leilana, or Soul as she is known in her dragon name, was the last to hatch out of a group of Silver Dragons, that bore the likes of Heart or Gwyneth the love and mount of Huma. Small and fragile, she was not expected to live, but to the suprise of her siblings she pulled through. Paladine thus named her Soul because she embodied the fighting spirit of the dragon.
    She spent her life along with her sister Silvara among the Kagonesti elves. Strong willed and intrigued with the other races of Krynn, she long desired to leave and discover the world that was unknown to her. Bound by duty and responsibility, she remained with Silvara among the Kagonesti taking on their ways.
    Her life changed one day when she foolishly went beyond the boundaries of the Kagonesti and ventured into unknown territory. It was on that day that she was rescued by the Half-Elf Quinn Longbranch. Forming a friendship with the Half-Elf her desires were rekindled to discover the world around her. His stories held her captive and it was all Silvara could do to keep her young sibling in Ergoth. If it had not been for the fact that they now faced the dangers of the return of evil dragons, Silvara would have forbidden Soul from leaving. After a heated discussion with her, she decided that it would be best to let Soul go her way. She could not hide her away to keep her safe if evil was creeping back into the land. After reluctance on her part she bid her sister farewell and a safe journey, knowing that she may never see her again. Now, with the secret of her true self, Soul/Leilana finds herself among strangers except for her friend Quinn.
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    Human wizard
    Hair: Brown, Long
    Eyes: Green
    Weapons: Magic Staff and a hidden dagger just like Denia. It may have been forbidden but I think it was common
    Clothing: Red robes indicating neutrality in the fight of good and evil
    Mood: Doesn't trust anyone until they prove they aren't going to turn on him. Even then they are lucky if he's nice to them.
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    Okay, it's a cheap shot, but cut me some slack: it's my first Ansalonian character.Oh, yeah, and could someone tell me if it's really not accurate in some way

    Archala Swarthifaxi

    Race: Centaur (druid of Habbakuk).
    Gender: Female.
    Eyes: Blue, bright, disturbing, as though they were abysses of wisdom.
    Hair: Hair: Brown, flowing down back like a mane.
    Clothing: Wears only a small tunic of leather covering her human chest.
    Other Physical Traits:Lithe, graceful, light brown skin (human part), very dark grey hair(horse part).
    Weapons: Carries a scimitar, but avoids using it.

    She avoids using her scimitar because of her pacifistic world-view. She is a bit distant and can come off as a bit of a loner, though she often travels with a group when it suits her. She doesn't much care what goes on in the world, unless it has a direct effect on her or something she holds dear.
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    Darrick Forgeson

    Race:Human(son of a solamic knight and a white robed mage)
    Hair:Brown,Cropped short
    Height:6ft 2 inches tall
    Garb:Generic.Depending on the job or situation,Darrick wears what is useful.
    Weapons:A thin sword made by elves,wears a belt adorned with numerous satchels filled with ingredients of magical nature.

    Short bio:Forgeson was a forbbiden child of a knight and a white mage.Never belonging to either world,Forgeson travels Krynn selling his skills to the highest bidder.Educated in the ways of a sword and the use of magic,his abilities are in demand for such tasks as bodyguard,assassin,tracker e.t.c....

    (I forgot to mention that he has taken Forgeson,a Dwarven name,because his desceased best friend was Mal Forgeson,a dwarf)
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    Height: ? inches tall
    Weapons: acid breath, magical spells

    History so far: sent by Takhisis to guard one of the remaining Dragon Orbs.

    Quick summary of Black Dragons
    These evil dragons prefer the solitude of swamps for their lairs. They are able to breathe underwater and are fiercely independent to the point of being uncontrollable by their masters (the Black Wing of Dragonarmies in the War of the Lance fell apart because of its inability to control their dragons). Black dragons use darkness to blind their enemies, attacking with their deadly acid and spells. The most famous black dragon is Onyx (Khisanth), who guarded the Blue Crystal staff and the Disks of Mishakal that were hidden in Xak Tsaroth prior to the War of the Lance.
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