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    Staff List and Bios

    Staff List and Bios

    Filled Positions

    Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall (NPC)
    Care of Magical Creatures: Rosemary Bain
    Potions: Eve Travers
    Muggle Studies: Cambria Morehouse

    Open Positions

    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    History of Magic
    Study of Ancient Runes
    Ancient Studies
    Matron (School Nurse)

    Open positions are presumed to be filled by background characters for the time being (i.e. Hogwarts should not be assumed to be missing a large number of subject teachers) but are available be claimed by players who wish to put a character into the role.

    Please post character bios in this thread, and I will link them to the names in the first post for easy reference.
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    Name: Rosemary Bain

    Height: 183cm

    Weight: 12 stone

    Age: 39

    Hair: Brown, shoulder length

    Eyes: grey, hue somewhat changeful depending on her mood

    Place of Origin: Shapinsay, Orkney

    Wizarding School Attended: Hogwarts (proud Gryffindor)

    Wand: spruce, unicorn tail hair core

    Patronus: Gannet

    Broom: Oakshaft 79

    Pet: Jackdaw named Lucie

    Personality: Rosemary is bold, outgoing and adventurous. She is an extrovert who has learned the lesson of how to be alone with herself very well, partly due to her upbringing on a small island in the Orkney archipelago. A well-grounded individual, she is not prone to flights of emotion, but sincerely takes every moment for what it is worth.

    Appearance: Rosemary’s wardrobe is somewhat masculine in tastes, but she attributes that to the simple functionality of a pair of slacks in the field as opposed to something that tries to murder you when the wind picks up. Her long, wide-legged trousers cover a pair of knee-length riding boots that are exceedingly well polished. A pair of leather suspenders mostly keep her pants up and she has a propensity for bright floral-patterned blouses, the high necklines of which can be seen poking out the top of her professorial robes. An ammolite pendant hangs about her neck, cleverly disguising the pealess whistle worked into the setting. Rosemary frequently wears the forward portions of her hair tied back into a half ponytail to keep it from blowing in her face while working with the animals.

    Classroom features: As her domicile could no longer hold her fossil collection, it has spilled into the indoor portion of her classroom which resembles a park’s picnic shelter. There is a large paludarium on a wooden shelf in the corner housing a colourful school of guppies. Every year, students ask if the guppies are magical creatures. They get no reply, just a hard stare. Rumours about the guppies have run rampant throughout the school. Rosemary’s current favourite is the one where she trapped the souls of puppy kickers in the tiny fish, dooming them to be classroom pets for the rest of their un-lives. Of course, the guppies are just normal guppies, but the lesson is this: not every creature needs to be imbued with magic to have a magic about them. Students that understand this principle earn a mysterious 20 points for their House.

    Hobbies: Fascinated by stories of petrification, Rosemary’s curious obsession has spilled over into collecting rocks and fossils of all kinds. Having grown up on the North Sea, she is an accomplished sailor and recently took up sculling to make use of Black Lake’s calmer days. She rows every morning before breakfast – but not before coffee. She enjoys cards and will sometimes bet on student Quidditch games. An incurable travel bug, she makes very good use of summer vacation. Some of the faculty may be wondering how long she will stay at Hogwarts with such a strong urge to be on the move.
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    Name: Eve Travers

    Physical Appearance: Slightly below average height, naturally curvy figure with a slight pear shape of the hips, but currently significantly underweight. Dark brown hair that has been awkwardly hacked off at shoulder length. Dark brown eyes. Light olive skin. She currently has dark circles under her eyes and the pallor of someone who doesn't see much sun. Her favored clothing is nondescript black robes.

    Age: 38

    Place of Origin: Edgebottom Estates, near Manchester, England

    Wizarding School Attended: Hogwarts (Slytherin)

    Wand: Acacia, Phoenix Feather

    Patronus: Eve is not currently able to conjure a patronus

    Broom: None

    Pet: A rat named Shelby

    Personality: Eve is a shell of the person she once was. She is quiet, rarely initiating conversation, and tries to fade into the background as much as possible. She daydreams a lot and appears inattentive, but in reality her brain is constantly processing threats of danger that may occur.

    Classroom features: Eve has not made any changes to the dungeon Potions classroom. She found a vase of flowers on her desk when she arrived, and she has left them there with a charm to keep them from wilting.

    Hobbies: None Currently

    Talents: Potions, especially gifted at poisons

    Background: Eve was raised by a single mother in extreme poverty in a series of crumbling flats in a rundown housing project. Although her mother was a witch, for reasons Eve never understood they always lived among Muggles, and Eve was bullied mercilessly from a young age. Hogwarts was only a little better and because she was seen as such a strange child, she was teased and ostracized by her peers. When Eve was sixteen, a man twice her age named Darren Forness took a romantic interest in her. She was flattered by his attention and gratefully latched onto someone who was finally showing her affection. They married when Eve was seventeen - technically of age, but still very young and inexperienced about life. It turned out Darren was a Death Eater, and through him Eve got sucked into the circle of Voldemort's followers. Her primary role was to make poisons for the Dark Lord. During the last year of Voldemort's life, Eve had second thoughts and began trying to distance herself. She couldn't quite figure out how to extricate herself completely, but she was pregnant and that gave her a convenient excuse to be absent. She was not at the Battle of Hogwarts because she had gone into labor; by the time the dust settled, she was in Azkaban and her son had been taken. Although many who had committed far greater crimes received less punishment, Eve had no political or economic clout, so she was an easy person to make an example of. She received a life sentence in Azkaban, and spent nineteen years there before being recruited for a special project at Hogwarts by Headmistress McGonagall.
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    Name: Cambria Morehouse

    Physical Appearance: Cambria is a little taller than average with a naturally lean build. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Cambria looks healthy, and like she spends quite a bit of time outside - which she does. She likes colorful clothing and will sometimes wear Muggle-style garments as well as robes.

    Age: 27

    Place of Origin: Hawarden, Wales

    Wizarding School Attended: Hogwarts (Hufflepuff)

    Wand: Larch, Unicorn Hair

    Patronus: Horse

    Broom: A well-maintained and still serviceable Nimbus 2000.

    Pet: An ancient cat named Oyster who spends most of her time sleeping on the windowsill.

    Personality: Cambria is cheerful and fun-loving but not overly talkative. She is happy to carry on a conversation but does not care for loud voices. She wants to make sure other people are happy and feel included. Her favorite place is the seaside, and she would love to have a little cottage on the beach someday.

    Classroom features: The Muggle Studies classroom is decorated with student projects and Muggle artifacts. She aims for a colorful and inviting atmosphere.

    Hobbies: Cambria loves to spin, weave, and dye yarn. For the most part she does this by non-magical means, though she occasionally uses the hair or fur from some magical creature as a starting point. She loves to read and to take long walks in the woods or on the beach.

    Talents: Cambria is very gifted at Charms, so it was rather a surprise to everyone when she decided to specialize in Muggle Studies instead. She is also a fairly skilled healer for a layperson.

    Background: Her family is about a half-and-half mixture of magical and Muggle, and that has given Cambria a lot of interest in and insight into Muggle life. After graduating from Hogwarts, Cambria worked for several years on a Muggle farm as a sort of immersion course in Muggle life. She traveled for awhile after that, then returned to Hogwarts to take the Muggle Studies professorship when a retirement left the position open. She enjoys teaching at Hogwarts and has a good rapport with her students.
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