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    Minor Characters & NPCs

    Minor Characters & NPCs

    This place is intended to give brief bios on minor characters and NPCs that will pop up from time to time in our RP.

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    Aunt Mary

    Mary is one of the aunts who work at the Red Center and train the Handmaids.

    Miss Kitty Daniels

    Kitty is a woman in her late fifties who runs a daycare center in Little America.

    Ian Reinbolt

    Ian is a social worker at the US consulate in Toronto.

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    Jimmy O'Shea: A Toronto-based rebel fighter. He is close friends with Hernandez.

    Maria and Eduardo Garcia: A married couple currently living in Canada. Maria is the mother of Hernandez from her first marriage and Carmen from her second marriage. Eduardo is the father of Carmen and stepfather of Hernandez.

    Commander Jedediah Absalom Walker the 3rd: A former fire and brimstone preacher and current Commander of the Faithful. He was Maria's first husband and is father to Hernandez. He personally requested Carmen, the daughter of his ex-wife, as his Handmaid
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    Luna: The Martha assigned to Commander Jonas Morgan's household.

    Cecilia Young: Mother of Amanda aka Ofjonas. Her husband, John, and older son, Dylan, were killed at the Canadian border by Gilead's Angels. Her younger son, Zachary, was taken from her. She was assigned to a Commander in Philadelphia's household as a Martha. Mayday set fire to the Commander's house to cover the escape of the Handmaid, who just gave birth and wanted to keep her baby, and Cecilia. Cecilia went with them and was relocated in Toronto. Where she reunited with Damien and her grandson, Adam.

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