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    Chapter 3: Reunions

    Chapter 3: Reunions

    Sojourn & Cid

    Saber Vortex

    Cid wanted more then anything to know what happened to Athena and Hebe and to know the true reason why Olympus had fallen. He even had the means to do with the garnet wish granting talisman they had taken from the Family of War at Arena but...He was scared. He wanted to know but he was also scared of the answers that would come by asking Myst. So, he delayed it. They had to eat after all. Himself, Optimus, Sojourn, Gossamer, and Nicolai had been in through quite a battle getting the talisman. They had to check on Zarra, the girl they had rescued from there. Plus, there was Karma. Gossamer and Nicolai's new daughter. Then there was Max and Dumar, their unexpected visitors. Also, Doviana would be coming. A proper room had to be set up for her. After all, she'd probably be staying with them for a while. Yes, there was a lot going and a lot of excuses Cid could give from seeing if Myst could grant him his wish.

    He was in the gardens, watching the sunset when a guard found him and said.

    "Lord Cid, I was told to give this to you."

    He said and handed Cid a note from Dumar and Max. They had decided to take their leave. It seemed that they were not yet ready to find the answers they were seeking.

    "Well, if they ever decide they are ready for the answers they seek, they are welcome here."

    He mused out loud and jumped a little when Sojourn asked.

    "What about you? Are you ever going to ask Myst about your daughters?"

    She had been practicing her archery after dinner. Optimus had told her she could train where ever she decided at the palace. She had picked the gardens. She liked them and it reminded her of training back in Elysia. She hoped she would ascend soon. That way Doviana would not be able to force her back to the orphanage once the threats of Hera and Hades were dealt with. She liked the Saber Vortex. She didn't want to leave. She felt she had found a place where she finally belonged. She had her new friends and Optimus. He was more then just a friend to her.

    "Damn girl! You almost gave me a heart attack."

    Cid said at her and Sojourn laughed as she sat next to him on the concrete bench.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to. But, seriously, are you ever going to ask?"

    Cid sighed and pulled Hebe's bracelet out of his pocket. He rubbed his thumb along it.

    "I want to know but...I'm afraid. I'm afraid to know why Hera had our daughter's bracelet. What if....What if Hebe's dead?"

    He didn't want to believe Hera would kill their child, but then he wouldn't put it past her either. He wouldn't put anything past his wife.

    "But what if she's not? What if she's waiting for you? You'll never know if you don't ask."

    Cid looked down at the bracelet and Sojourn touched his shoulder.

    "Cid, take it from someone who knows....Not knowing is the worst thing of all."

    She didn't know why she had been left at the orphanage as a baby and it bothered her greatly. She had known love from Doviana but it wasn't the same. Doviana did great filling the motherly role Sojourn needed in her life, but she didn't know why her birth mother had left her with Doviana. She didn't know why she wasn't good enough to be adopted by anyone. Cid looked up at Sojourn.

    "What about you, Sojourn? You could ask Myst about your parents."


    This time it was the Secundae's turn to look down.

    "I guess I'm like Dumar and Max. I'm not ready to know the answer yet."

    Cid nodded his head and suddenly remembered the file he had copied when he visited Doviana.

    "Maybe you're not ready for Myst to tell you but...Maybe this will help."

    He said, holding out his free hand and making the file folder appear in his palm.

    "What's this?"

    Sojourn asked and he replied.

    "Your file, from the orphanage."

    She had never seen it. Doviana never let any of the orphans see their files. She looked at Cid, both curious and a little afraid what it would say inside.

    "How did you get this?"

    "I made a copy of it when I first visited Doviana."

    "Thank you."

    She replied, not opening the file folder. She wasn't ready to do that yet. Instead, she held it against her chest.

    "You're welcome. Sojourn...I don't know if the answers you seek is in that folder or even if Myst will have them but over the years I've learned family isn't always those that share your blood. Sometimes, the best family is the one you create. We might not share blood, but you matter to Optimus and to me. I consider you a part of my family."

    "I...Thank you. You....you have no idea how much that means to me."

    Sojourn said with a smile and feeling misty eye at the same time. She hadn't expected him to tell her that. She had never expected to ever have a family. To know that Cid considered her family meant the world to her. It was the first time in her life anyone considered her a part of their family.

    "I'd even adopt you but considering how close you and Optimus are getting, I think that would be a little weird."

    He said with a wink and Sojourn laughed.

    "Yeah, just a little."

    "But, you can still call me 'Uncle Cid', if you want."

    "I'd like that, Uncle Cid."

    She replied and gave him a hug. Cid sighed and looked back at the bracelet.

    "I think we should call the others. I'm ready to know."

    He said. It was time to find out what Hades and Hera had done to Olympus, to find out what happened to Hebe and Athena. He not only wanted Optimus there when he asked Myst, but also Gossamer and Nicolai. He considered those two a part of his family as well.
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was surprised to get a letter saying that Dumar and Max had left just as quickly as they had come. It was their wish and Optimus would honor it. Dumar was still a distant cousin would be welcome back to the Saber Vortex if he ever desired to come back. Although, Optimus put a few extra guards at the gate system. He didn't want any unwelcome visitors or have Hera and Hades use it. He knew they were still out there, just plotting their next move. After what happened on Arena, Hera would be even more angry then she was before. Optimus had more people he had to protect now. It wasn't just him and Cid anymore at the palace. Which felt nice, the palace felt more like a home now. With his new friends here and Sojourn. His feelings for her were more then friendship.

    He was curious to meet the woman that had raised Sojourn. Doviana would arrive tomorrow and she would be welcome to stay as long as she wanted here. He hoped that when she left, she wouldn't try to take Sojourn with her. Sojourn told him how the orphanage worked. Secundae lived there until they were either adopted or ascended. Whatever came first. She wanted to continue her training and he encouraged her to do so. Maybe he should train himself and ascend, he thought. Thanks to his father he had been pretty busy ruling the whole planet and didn't devote very much time trying to ascend to Firsthood himself.

    When his uncle sent out the message he wanted them to join him, Optimus, of course, went. Cid wasn't his uncle by blood, but he was his uncle. In fact, he was more of a father to Optimus then Jett was. Without Cid, he'd be lost. Cid had done so much for him, the least Optimus could do was be there when he asked Myst what happened on Olympus.

    He found Sojourn was already with Cid in the gardens. She was holding a file folder and he asked her curiously, through telepathy.

    ~What's that?~

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    Sojourn was glad that Cid was ready to ask what happened on Olympus. She wanted to know herself. She replied to Optimus.

    ~My file, from the orphanage. Uncle Cid made a copy of it for me.~

    She already liked the idea she could call Cid her uncle. To have an uncle, that was exciting. She blushed when she said it. She and Cid had never asked Optimus what he would think of the idea. Cid was his uncle, because Rory, Optimus' mother, was his adopted sister. What if he didn't like the idea. Suddenly she was nervous, she didn't want to upset him. Make him think she was overstepping her bounds here.

    ~I....He said I could call him that now. You don't mind, do you?~

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    Optimus Prime

    While he was surprised that Sojourn called Cid her uncle, he wasn't angry. He knew how much not having a family hurt her and it made him feel good that Cid liked her enough to let her consider him family. Optimus smiled at her.

    ~No, I don't mind at all. Well, as long as he isn't trying to make us kissing cousins.~

    He told her in jest.

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    ~Oh, good.~

    Sojourn was relieved that Optimus was okay with the idea of her calling Cid her uncle as well. She laughed at his comment.

    ~No, definitely not. Just an honorary uncle. Nothing more.~

    She assured him with a smile.

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    Optimus Prime

    ~That sounds good to me.~

    Optimus replied and walked over to her. He kissed her cheek and added. This time whispering it out loud.

    "You are far too beautiful to be my cousin."

    He then told her seriously as he looked at the file.

    "And if you want me with me when you're ready to read it, I will be."
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    "And you're too handsome to be mine."

    Sojourn whispered back with a smile as he kissed her cheek. She really was falling for the handsome ruler of the Saber Vortex. And it felt good to know he was feeling the same way. She nodded her head to him when he offered to be there with her when she opened the file.

    "Thank you, I'll take you up on that."

    When she was ready to open it, she wasn't sure. But when she was, she'd have Optimus with her. Right now wasn't about her missing family, though. It was about Cid's. Once Gossamer and Nicolai joined them Cid would ask Myst what was on everyone's minds. How did Olympus fall and what happened to Hebe and Athena.

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    Gossamer could hardly believe how much her life had changed in a very short period of time.

    She and Nicolai were married now. They were able to live openly together, no more hiding their relationship. That part still didn't quite seem real - sometimes Gossamer almost felt she should be sneaking into their bedroom. But as if by a miracle, that was no longer necessary. For the first time they could fall asleep in each other's arms and wake up next to each other, and no one was going to punish them or object.

    Not only was Nicolai her husband now, but they had a child - not the one they expected to arrive, not their newborn baby - but Karma fully formed at five years old. If she was honest with herself, Gossamer had not felt an instant bond with her. She felt caring and protective, certainly, but Karma didn't quite feel like theirs yet. That would come with time, though, Gossamer was sure. They would be a family. Gossamer would be forever grateful to Nicolai that he had so willingly accepted the little girl as his own.

    There was also another new member of their little family. Zarra had decided to stay with them. Although she wasn't Nicolai's niece as the magical deception had at first made them believe, she was a young person in need of a home, and they could give that to her. They could be the family Zarra had never had.

    The four of them - and the baby, once it was born - had a home on Saber Vortex now. Gossamer loved having a place to call their own. For the first time in either of their lives, Gossamer and Nicolai had found civilian jobs. Before, both of them had been forced to live only for combat, or to prepare for it. Now Nicolai worked in the library, and Gossamer was teaching dance classes. She'd been trained to dance for twofold reasons; it would help her agility and coordination, but also she was expected to be able to perform the social niceties at formal events back on Grace. She had always secretly loved the dancing. Now her passions didn't have to be secret anymore.

    Yet despite all these changes, very little time had actually passed. Gossamer had to keep reminding herself of that, because her life on Grace seemed like it was a hundred years ago.

    It had been such a short time, in fact, that Cid had not gotten his answers yet. Gossamer and Nicolai wanted to be there to offer their support when he did.
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    Sojourn & Cid

    Cid was happy to see how quickly Gossamer and Nicolai were adjusting to their new home. He could see their happiness, the Saber Vortex was a welcome change he was sure to the couple to the life they had lived in Grace. Sojourn was happy to see how well her friends were adjusting to life here as well. She enjoyed it here too and she was glad that Zarra had decided to stay and that Karma had a family. Cid smiled at everyone.

    "Thank you for joining me. You all helped me get this, I figured the least I could do was have you all with me when I asked Myst what happened."

    He activated the talisman and Myst appeared in front of him. He gently thumbed the bracelet as he asked.

    "I wish to know why Hera had Hebe's bracelet."

    "Wish granted."

    Myst replied, she clapped her hands and a projection orb appeared in front of her. Cid watched in shock as the orb showed them that Hera had imprisoned Hebe inside the bracelet for finally standing up to her after she and Hades had exiled him from Olympus. She was trapped? She was here with him right now? He looked down at the bracelet and then back up at Myst.

    "I wish for you to free Hebe."

    "I cannot grant that wish."

    Myst replied and Cid frowned at her. Upset to know Hebe was so close but yet so far away. For so many years his daughter had been trapped and he couldn't free her?

    "Why the hell not?"

    Cid demanded to know, he was upset but that didn't faze Myst. Emotions of people and the gods had no effect on her.

    "Hera used a First talisman to trap Hebe, the same talisman has to be used to free her."

    "Then I wish to know where that talisman is at."

    "Wish granted. Currently it is in possession of Hades."

    Myst replied after she clapped her hands. The images in the orb changed from the past to show the present. Hades was in his dark castle in Olympus, with the sleeping Persephone. Cid narrowed his eyes as he looked at Hades. He was angry at what Hades and Hera had done but he was curious as well. What had happened to Persephone? What had happened to the others gods?

    "Myst, I wished to know how Olympus fell."

    "Wish granted."

    Myst replied to him. After she clapped her hands, the orb changed again to show the last days of Olympus. To show how Hera and Hades cut Athena's rule short. That Hera imprisoned Athena inside the necklace that Cid had given her, the one that matched Hebe's bracelet. Cid remembered seeing Hera wear that necklace on Arena. The images showed Hades and Hera declaring their rule and poisoning those gods who did not agree with it. Causing them to fall into an endless sleep. Even Persephone was not spared from that faith. Olympus failed because his wife and brother had failed to see what he had always known that. Each god of Olympus played an essential role on it, without them, chaos had reigned supreme.

    "Uncle Cid? What do you want to do?"

    Sojourn asked him and Cid said.

    "I want to go to Olympus. I'm getting both the talisman and necklace from them."

    Cid said with determination. He would free both his daughters.
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus, like his uncle and girlfriend, was happy to see how well their friends were adjusting to life on the Saber Vortex. They were welcome to stay here as long as they desired. After having it been so long of just him and Cid, he found it nice to have more people here. He watched Myst grant Cid's wishes, other then one to free Hebe. Another talisman of power...It shouldn't be in the hand of those two Ancient Gods.

    "And you know I'll help. But how do you propose we do it?"

    Hera and Hades could not harm them, Sojourn's wish back on Arena was still in effect. However, he didn't see other of them handing over Athena's necklace or the talisman that was needed to free her and her sister easily.

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