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Thread: A Deadly Game

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    A Deadly Game

    A Deadly Game

    Paloma Sandoval

    Brussels, Belgium

    "Mommy? You want to see my pictures?"

    Paloma's son asked her as he sat at the kitchen table. Duncan was about four years old and was coloring while his mother was preparing food for him. Duncan was a Lycan and the only one in their little group that could still eat food. The others with them were Vampires and Paloma was a Hybrid. In a short amount of time in her life, she had went from being a human, to a Lycan, to a Hybrid. It was almost depressing to think how many people had tried to kill her in the past. She had been turned into a Hybrid the same day her son had been born. She and his birth mother, Amira, had been held captive in an old Soviet prison by a crazy Coven that thought they could turn the tide of war against the humans by creating more Hybrids. She had only known Amira a few hours before she had went into labor and died, but Paloma had promised her to raise Duncan as her own. She just didn't realize at the time, she would be doing it alone. After all, she had thought she'd have the help of her husband and little sister in raising this sweet little boy. But the humans ruined that. After the attack...Duncan was the only member of her immediate family she had left.

    "Of course, sweetie. Just give me a second."

    Paloma told him with a smile. He nodded his head and waited patiently for Paloma to set the food on simmer and sat down next to him at the table. It was just the two of them right now, the others were sleeping. Without the community's inoculation shots, the Vampires had to revert back into being night creatures. Duncan was a growing boy and got hungry often, so Paloma was constantly feeding him. She'd need to get him some more clothes, she thought. He was starting to outgrow the ones he was wearing.

    "I made this one for Aunt Ivy and Uncle AJ...."

    Duncan told her, showing her the picture he made for them. Ivy and AJ McComb were the Vampires they shared their little home with. They had all escaped together when the humans attacked their community. Before the attack, they had been friendly but Paloma's sister, Jacinta, was closer to them then she was. Jacinta had been best friends with AJ's niece, Eden. Eden and Jacinta were both missing. When the attack happened, AJ and Ivy escaped with their daughter, Nora, but they couldn't find Eden. Both she and the couple hoped that the girls might have escaped together.

    "See, that's Aunt Ivy, Uncle AJ, Nora, Austin..."

    Duncan pointed out each person he had drawn, of course, they were stick figures, but Paloma thought it was perfect. She nodded her head as he told her who he drew. She smiled as she listened to him. Austin had been born after the attack, he was only two right now. Eden, if she was still alive, didn't even know she had another cousin. He had been unexpected but welcomed. After all, children were a blessing. Her own son gave her something to live. Duncan kept her strong and kept her going. Even when she had times she wanted to just give up. Her smile got a little misty when he continued.

    "And that's Eden. I drew her with brown hair because that's what color they said she had."

    Duncan didn't know who Eden was, he had been just a baby when the humans attacked them. He knew of her, though. He knew AJ and Ivy missed her very much. The adults all talked about the missing loved ones to the kids, so they weren't forgotten about.

    "And who's that?"

    She said, pointing to the black and white thing next to her. Duncan had drawn cat ears on it.

    "That's Rocky, the kitty Uncle AJ said he had. I figure he's with Eden."

    Paloma nodded her head and smiled. Duncan was a smart boy and remembered AJ telling him about Rocky. Duncan liked animals and cats were his favorite. They actually had a cat running around the apartment. An orange tabby cat named Milo. She had agreed with her friends that having a cat would be good for the kids. It gave all three of them someone to help take care of.

    "He might be."

    Paloma said, although she wasn't that sure. She knew AJ felt bad about Rocky. During the attack he grabbed his wife and daughter and failed to find Eden during it. He hadn't been that concerned about the cat. Not that she blamed him, she hadn't been as concerned about the animals as she should have been either. She didn't think many of the community members had been. But she wasn't going to tell Duncan that. He was too young to understand why they had to hide, why they couldn't go find the rest of their family and friends. He didn't understand why they had wait.

    "When everyone lives together again, he and Milo can be friends."

    Duncan said, certain the two cats would get along well. Paloma smiled at him.

    "I'm sure they will be. Aunt Ivy and Uncle AJ are really going to like this picture."

    She told him and Duncan smiled, happy she thought they would. He had worked hard on it.

    "Want to see my other one?"

    He asked and she said she would. She helped him move the picture out of the way and bit her lip seeing what he had drawn.

    "Is this our family?"

    She asked and he nodded his head. Although, he hadn't drawn just the two of them.

    "There's you, me, my mommy in heaven..."

    He knew he had two mothers. Paloma had sworn she'd make sure Duncan knew about Amira, even though she hadn't known too much about the young Lycan herself. But Duncan understood he had two mothers who loved him. One was on Earth with him, while the other was in heaven watching over him.

    "That's Aunt Jacinta..."

    He said, pointing to another figure. Jacinta was her baby sister and Duncan didn't remember her at all. Paloma hadn't seen her since the day of the attack. She had went to a friend's house and...Paloma pressed her lips together. She had failed her sister, again. She was supposed to protect her and she didn't even know if she was still alive. Unlike the first time Jacinta had went missing, Paloma couldn't look for her this time. For a person who always liked to fix things, help those she loved, it killed her to have to wait.

    "And that's Daddy."

    He said, not realizing the effect his innocent picture had on his adopted mother. Duncan didn't remember Dipak but he knew Dipak loved him. His mother told him his daddy loved him everyday. That the reason he wasn't with them was because he had went to find Jacinta when they had been forced to leave. That's when they had been separated because they couldn't find Jacinta during the attack and Dipak told her to leave with Duncan. That he'd find her. Did he find her? Or were they both gone? Paloma didn't know and she hated not knowing what happened to her husband and sister. Four years was such a long time to be without them. A long time for her son to not have his father.


    Duncan looked over at her, Paloma was trying to not cry in front of him but she realized that she was too quiet. It had worried him that she didn't like the picture he made for her. It was quite the opposite. She loved the picture, she just wished that they were all together. Like he had drawn. She gave him a smile, although her eyes were misty.

    "It's beautiful, Duncan. I love it and I know Daddy and Aunt Jacinta would...will love it when they see it."

    She said and kissed the top of his head. One more year, she thought. One more year and her son would hopefully get to show both Dipak and Jacinta his picture.
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    Fritz Yeats

    "Dad....I'm sorry."

    Aspen told him and Fritz turned to his daughter in surprise, he wasn't exactly sure what his Lycan daughter had to be sorry for.

    "For what, Aspen?"

    He asked, he was washing the dishes and she was putting them away. They had just had dinner and were cleaning up. Although Fritz couldn't enjoy food anymore like his daughter and granddaughter could. They were Lycans and he was a Vampire. If people didn't know Fritz had adopted her, they would have thought Aspen was his little sister, not his daughter. Not that it mattered to him, she was his daughter and he loved her and Sabella, his granddaughter, very much. Just like he loved his son Krikor...Although he hadn't seen Krikor in four years.

    Sabella was playing in the other room with her dolls while Fritz and Aspen cleaned up the kitchen. Aspen looked down at fork her dad handed to put away.

    "That day...If I...If I hadn't went on that walk with Sabella, then you wouldn't have had to come find me. We would be with Mom and Krikor."

    Fritz sighed, he missed his wife Zabel and Krikor very much. He knew Aspen did too. But he didn't blame her, it wasn't her fault. No one expected the attack. They had gotten too comfortable, he realized in hindsight. They had started to let their guard down and this was the price they paid for it. He touched Aspen's shoulder. He knew it wasn't her fault, but he could tell she still blamed herself that their family was separated.

    "Are you psychic?"


    She replied him, confused at the question.

    "Then you have nothing to be sorry for. You didn't know what was going to happen. It was a nice day to take Sabella on a walk."

    The weather had been nice and Sabella had only been a few months old. Aspen had wanted to take her baby on a walk, there was nothing wrong with that. Fritz remembered that day like it was yesterday. It had been a normal day, like any other, until the humans attacked them. When he and Zabel had realized that Aspen was still missing, he kissed her and told her to run with Krikor. He'd find their daughter...That was the last time had seen his wife.


    Aspen looked at her father and could see in his eyes he didn't blame her. She hadn't known any more then he had how that day was going to turn out.

    "I just miss them."

    "I do too."

    He missed Zabel and Krikor every day. It felt like a lifetime since he had seen them. He kept faith that they were safe and that in another year they would be a family again.
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    Paloma Sandoval

    After Duncan ate, Paloma cleaned up the kitchen and hung the picture he had made her on the wall of the bedroom they shared. She sighed as she looked at it. She truly hoped that next year they would be all be together again. She knew Dipak and Jacinta were strong, they were both survivors. She just wished they were with her and Duncan. She wanted to go find them, be with them, keep them safe. But she couldn't...The leaders of the community had agreed there would be no contact for five years. That was the final message that had been sent to her phone before it had been taken offline. It wouldn't go back online until it was time for them all to meet up again. Which wasn't for another damn year.

    Duncan settled down for a nap, while they didn't not have a weakness in the sunlight like the McComb family, they had gotten used to sleeping in the day and being awake at night. It was the best way to spend time with their friends. Paloma was the strongest of their group, she was a Hybrid. She had the strengths of both a Vampire and a Lycan but none of the weaknesses. When they needed supplies, she was the one that always went. It made the most sense for her to go and for AJ and Ivy to protect the kids. She watched her son sleep and settled down for a nap herself. In a few hours, the McCombs would be up and their night would begin.

    There was a time when Paloma had hated to sleep. She had suffered from post traumatic stress disorder thanks to her birth father trying to kill her when she confronted him that he raped her sister when he had discovered Jacinta was not his biological daughter and from that crazy human, Maureen, who had tortured her to see if she break a Lycan's body and spirit. Benito and Maureen were dead, but their actions had had a lasting effect on her. Those days were thankfully gone. She no longer feared the idea of sleep or woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Millie had helped her deal with her emotions during the day through therapy and Dipak had helped her feel safe at night. She missed having his strong arms around her at night.

    Paloma fell asleep and began to dream:

    She was walking along a river. At first she was alone, but then a wolf joined her and soon after a bat. The bat rested on her shoulder and the wolf walked beside her. Both were keeping her safe. The trio stopped and sat down at the riverbank. She looked across the river and thought she could see people on the other side but she wasn't sure. The setting sun was getting in her eyes, she used her hand to try and shield it when thought she saw her, her sister. Could it really be her?


    She called out but before she could see if it really was Jacinta, he sat down next to her. A man she knew was dead.

    "Hey, Paloma. Miss me?"

    The wolf growled at him and the bat screeched, neither liked the sudden arrival of Klaus, her ex boyfriend.

    "Like a dog misses fleas."

    She replied in annoyance. Klaus put his hand to chest like he was offended.

    "Ouch, I'm hurt."

    "You'll survive."

    She replied grimly and tried to turn her attention away from him. Was it Jacinta across the river? She had to know but he wasn't letting her. Stupid Klaus was distracting her.

    "You'll never find her. She's gone. Dead, like you should have been three times over."

    "No, she's not!"

    Paloma yelled at him, he didn't know anything! Jacinta wasn't dead, she couldn't be. She was alive, she had to be. Dipak wouldn't let...It seemed like Klaus was reading her mind.

    "Dipak's dead too. You know it. You just don't want to admit it."

    Klaus added, not at all fazed by her anger. In fact, he found it amusing.

    "Shut up!"

    She yelled at him. He just kept talking, like he didn't hear her.

    "You're a horrible mom to Duncan."

    "Don't you say his name."

    She growled at him and Klaus shrugged.

    "Whatever. Like I said, you're a horrible mom. Leading that poor kid on. He really thinks he's going to be with them. Imagine how much he's going to cry when he realizes Aunt Jacinta and Daddy aren't coming. That you lied to him his whole life. He's going to hate you. Leave you, just like they did."

    "You don't know anything!"

    Paloma growled at him, anger made her fingernails turn into claws and she tried to attack him. He was just a ghost, though, and her attack couldn't hurt him. She clawed thin air. Klaus just smirked at her.

    "You hate it, don't you? You can't hurt me, you can't bring them back. There's nothing you can do."

    "Go to hell."

    Paloma replied back and tried to turn away from Klaus. She tried to focus on what was across the river. She thought she had seen Jacinta but the river wasn't a river anymore. It was a lake and she couldn't see anything or anyone now. She wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her knees. She didn't want to believe him, he was wrong. He had to be. Dipak and Jacinta weren't dead. Next year they'd be a family again. Klaus laughed.

    "See, I told you. They're gone and you're going to be alone...forever."

    Paloma woke up to the sound of Klaus' laughter in her mind. She sat up and saw Duncan was still asleep. Stupid Klaus, why the hell did he have to haunt her dreams? He was wrong, though. She wasn't alone. She had her friends, she had her son. Somewhere out there was Dipak and Jacinta...She couldn't imagine any other scenario. They had to be alive, they just had to be. She looked over at the clock and saw the time. No point of going back to sleep. Duncan would be up soon and hungry. AJ's family would be getting up too. She might as well start food for Duncan, he was a growing Lycan and he could be rather grumpy if his belly wasn't full. Plus, cooking for her son would distract her from the things Klaus said. She hadn't lied to Duncan, had she? Telling him everyday since the attack that his father and aunt were out there, that eventually they would be all be together again. She wondered as she got up and really hoped she hadn't. Because...it would kill her inside if she had.
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    Paloma Sandoval and AJ McComb

    AJ found Paloma cooking, he had waken up to the smell of it. It smelled good, too bad thanks to Nathan Betancourt he couldn't eat solid any food anymore.

    "That smells good, what are you making Duncan?"

    He couldn't help but feel jealous from time to time that Duncan could eat food and all he could do was drink blood. He was sure it would take him many years as a Vampire to get used to it. Paloma turned to AJ and told him.

    "Thanks. It's a Punjabi recipe. Dipak used to make it for Jacinta and me...Back when I could still eat food."

    She was trying to replicate the first meal Dipak had made for her and her sister, but she wasn't sure if she was doing it justice. She remembered it well, she and Jacinta had asked Dipak to make it more then once for them, but now she couldn't have solid food. She couldn't taste it and she wasn't sure if she was making it right.

    "I....I'm not sure if I added enough spice, though."

    "I'm sure Duncan will like it."

    Duncan didn't seem to complain too much about the things his mother made him. Thanks to her birth father's job, Paloma had lived in many different countries as a child and had tried many different types of foods. When she could still enjoy food, she had liked to eat. She made her son different types of foods since he could enjoy food. Duncan seemed to be pretty open to the idea.


    She replied and AJ frowned. He could tell something was bothering her.

    "Paloma? You okay?"

    "I...I had a stupid dream."

    She replied with a shake of her head. When AJ asked her about it, she told him about it. How Klaus showed up in it and was mocking her. Telling her that her husband and sister were dead. That she was lying to Duncan and letting him believe something that wasn't true.

    "From what you've told me about Klaus, he was a damn liar."

    AJ said and Paloma sighed.

    "He was. If he told you it was raining outside, you'd better check yourself."

    Klaus had been an awful person. He lied to her constantly and cheated on her. She'd never forget him telling her that it wasn't cheating if he paid for it. It was even worse that he'd paid for underage girls...He was the last person anyone should ever listen to. But still...She was glad that the kids were all still sleeping, she never liked to voice any of her worries in front of them. In front her son and AJ's kids she kept a positive note. She had to stay strong for them so they wouldn't be afraid.

    "What if he's right....What if they're gone?"

    AJ understood that fear, he had the same one himself about his niece. He missed Eden greatly and had restless sleeps thinking about what could have happened to her since the attack. He couldn't even imagine how hard it was for Paloma to not only have her sister missing, but also her husband. He squeezed her shoulder.

    "You know them better then anyone, do you truly believe that?"

    Paloma bit her lip and sighed.

    "I...No...They're both strong...I hope they're out there....That they're just waiting until they can be with me and Duncan again."

    "I think they are. The people from our community, our family, we aren't quitters. Dipak, Jacinta, Eden....They're out there, missing us as much as we miss them."

    "Yeah, you're right."

    Paloma told him with a smile, one that AJ returned. He had eased her fears. As she continued to cook, she told him.

    "I'm going to go shopping tonight. Duncan's clothes are starting to get small. Did you and Ivy need anything? Maybe something for the new baby?"

    She said with a smile and AJ looked at her surprise.

    "New baby? Wait...Is Ivy pregnant again?"

    "Yeah, I picked up on it earlier."

    Paloma told him with a smile and tapped her nose. A Hybrid's sense of smell was even stronger then a Lycan's. When Ivy had laid down from the day, Paloma had caught that her scent had changed. She was with child, even if she didn't know it yet. AJ immediately got a big grin on his face, excited about becoming a father again. But, the grin turned to a frown as reality set in. Another baby meant another child for him, Ivy, and Paloma to watch over. Nora was the oldest child in their household and she was only five. The world was so dangerous for immortals and they no longer had the safety of the community.

    "AJ? Are you okay?"

    She asked, it was her turn to be concerned about him.

    "I...Is it wrong to bring another child into this type of world?"

    Paloma didn't even have to think of what to reply.

    "No, children are a blessing. Especially one conceived out of love."

    Paloma told him with a smile. Austin had been a surprise but a welcome one. Even if the world was dangerous for them, the children gave them motivation to keep fighting. To hang on and make it a better world for them. A safer world for them. She didn't see anything wrong with AJ and Ivy adding to their family. Just because the humans had destroyed their old home, it didn't mean they should stop living their lives.

    "You're right."

    He told his friend with a smile. Allowing himself to be happy that he'd be a father again. When Ivy woke up, she was shocked when Paloma told her the news. But also happy, she loved being a mother and while neither Nora or Austin had been planned, she never regretted having them. This new baby would be welcomed and loved. When the kids woke up, Ivy told them the good news. Austin was a little confused how his mother could have a baby inside her, especially when her belly was still flat. It was a concept that was over his head. Nora and Duncan had some vague memories of Ivy being pregnant before and knew it would be a while before there was a baby there. Duncan told his aunt he'd have to add the baby to the picture he made them later. Ivy agreed and both she and AJ told the little Lycan how much they loved the picture he had made them. He was happy, even though he missed them both getting a little sad when told him how he had drawn Eden and Rocky in it too.

    Thankfully for Paloma, Duncan seemed to think her take on his father's meal had been good. He ate it up right away, while the others drank blood. Nora asked Paloma after everyone had a meal together.

    "Aunt Paloma? Are you going to have a baby too?"

    She was far too young to understand that unless her aunt found an unwanted baby on the streets, she wouldn't be able to have another baby right now. She didn't understand what role her father had played in her mommy having babies. Ivy heard her daughter's question and mouthed sorry to Paloma. Paloma mouthed it was okay and smiled at Nora.

    "Not right now, sweetie. Perhaps, someday, but for now, Duncan's going to be the only baby I have."

    She hadn't planned on having only one child. She and Dipak had talked about having biological children and adopting more then just one. Those plans just didn't have a chance to happen. For now, all she'd have was Duncan. And she was okay with that. She didn't feel any jealously at her friends who were expanding their own family. Instead, she was happy for them. Duncan, who was playing a game with AJ and Austin, looked at his mother and appeared to be offended when she called him a baby.

    "I'm not a baby!"

    He said, which caused all three adults to laugh.

    "I'm sorry, Duncan. You're right, you're my big boy."

    Duncan nodded his head, proud to be a big boy. Nora seemed to accept her answer and after making a list of things to get, Paloma headed out into the night. She could have shopped in the day but it was better to do it at night. AJ and Ivy were wake and didn't have to worry about being exposed to the sun. They could keep the children safe while she was away. She told Duncan she loved him and to be good for his aunt and uncle. He promised he would be and she headed out.
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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz had his own list of things to get for himself, Aspen, and Sabella. He always did the shopping. Thank goodness for all night markets. If anything happened to him, he wanted to make sure Sabella would have her mother. He would do everything in his power to keep his daughter and granddaughter safe. He looked at Aspen and asked.

    "Now what do you do while I'm gone?"

    Every time he left them, they did this. Aspen never minded, though. Running through the list eased both her and her father's minds a little bit. It was dangerous to be apart but they did need things and it was too dangerous to take Sabella out. She was too young, she didn't understand that she had to hide she was a Lycan. She could innocently tell a stranger what she was and...No, it best for Fritz to go and Aspen to stay and keep her safe. They talked quietly to not scare Sabella.

    "Keep the door locked and don't open it for anyone but you."

    Fritz nodded his head. He handed her a gun that she put into the waistband of her pants. He had taught her how to use a firearm. She had to know how to protect herself and her daughter. He couldn't always be there to protect them and he wanted to make sure she knew how to protect herself.

    "If someone forces their way in, I shoot to kill."

    He nodded his head again and Aspen sighed. She hated the past part.

    "And if you aren't back within seventy two hours, I take Sabella and we leave."

    She didn't even want to consider losing her father. She already hated being away from her mother and brother. Since the attack it had just be him, her, and Sabella. She didn't know what she'd do if she lost him but...She knew why he made her say it. She was a parent, her first concern had to be protect her child. Even if that meant leaving her father behind. She always prayed when Fritz left it would never come to that.

    "That's my girl."

    He said and pulled her in for a hug. He hated the last part as much as she did. Fritz didn't have any plans on not returning home but who knew what tonight would hold. He kissed her forehead and then gave Sabella a happy hug. He and Aspen never voiced their worries to her, she was too young to understand them.

    "I love you both."

    He told them.

    "Love you, Grandpa."

    "Love you, Dad."

    Sabella and Aspen told him. Aspen saw him out and locked the door behind him.

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    Paloma Sandoval

    Paloma's first stop was to a local clothing shopping that was going to close in a half an hour. She had seen the look on the worker's faces that they weren't happy at her arrival. She felt slightly bad for coming in so late but the days were getting longer and she wasn't about the to leave her own home until AJ and Ivy were awake for the night. Duncan was all she had right now and she wasn't about to leave him with them sleeping or leave Nora or Austin either. Given how the world was for immortals, she didn't trust anyone but her friends. Since the attack, they had always had each other's backs.

    Now, if the workers hadn't been so obvious that they wanted her to hurry up and get out, Paloma probably wouldn't have taken as long as she did in the store. When she was still in school, she had worked part time at a store too. She understood wanting to clean up and leave after a long day, but there was a thing called customer service and she felt these people didn't understand it. So, out of spite, she purposely took a while. She did need to get clothes for Duncan, she was certain he was going through a growth spurt. Lycans had large appetites, but his appetite had seemed even larger lately. Her son needed more clothes. There was a small section with kids' toys in the shop and she thought she'd get each kid a toy. It was hard to not spoil Duncan rotten, but she resisted the urge often. She didn't want him to expect a new toy everything she went out for supplies. Still, there was no harm on spoiling the kids once in a while either. With the news of Ivy having another baby, she thought it okay to make an exception. She would get a toy for the new baby and a toy for Duncan, Nora, and Austin too. Nora loved mermaids and she bought her a mermaid doll. Both Austin and Duncan liked monster trucks, so she bought them each one. For the new baby, it was way too early to know its gender, so she went with a teddy bear.

    After paying for her purchases, she was walking back to her car. She'd just need to get the grocery store to get some more food for Duncan, that was open twenty four hours. No one would try to rush her along there. It was within walking distance, so she saw no point of driving. She was walking pass an alley when a human male, who her nose quickly picked up had started drinking hours before, called out to her.

    "Hey, pretty mama. How about you and me have the best night of your life tonight?"

    Paloma rolled her eyes.

    "No, thanks."

    She replied and kept walking. The human was surprisingly quick in his drunken state. He grabbed at her arm.

    "Hey, come on. Don't be like that. It'll be fun."

    "I'm married."

    Paloma said this time, pulling away from him and flashing her wedding ring in his face. Hoping he'd get the clue to leave her alone. Most people usually did when someone said that. This man didn't, however.

    "So? I don't see him around. I tell you what, let's pretend I'm your husband tonight."

    "Let's not."

    Paloma replied, getting angry the human wasn't getting the hint. She was Hybrid and could easily take him down. It wouldn't be much of an effort but she was trying to resist the urge. He was a drunk human and if she didn't want to draw much attention to herself. Paloma turned on her heel to walk away when he grabbed at her arm again.

    "Stop playing hard to get."

    Paloma finally had enough of him and punched the man in the face. She didn't even punch him as hard as she could have but she connected with his nose and she felt the cartilage in his nose break. He immediately let go of her and grabbed his nose. There was blood running down his face.

    "You bitch! I think you just broke my nose!"

    He yelled at her and Paloma shrugged her shoulders.

    "There's no thinking, I did."

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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz and Aspen had found a small apartment above a Chinese restaurant in Brussels, Belgium to live in. There were times that Fritz debated moving her and Sabella out of Europe, but he always decided against it. He didn't think a long travel would be wise. Especially when he didn't have the benefit of the sunlight inoculation shots anymore. Instead, they just moved around Europe. Living in one town only for a few months before moving on to the next. He didn't want to arise any suspicions in the humans. Plus, Zabel and Krikor were out there, he truly believed that. He didn't want to move too far in case he ever ran into them. That hadn't happened in the last four years, but who knew? Maybe he would see them sooner or his sister and Flynn. Or anyone from the community. He just tried to keep positive about it. It wasn't hard with Sabella around. His granddaughter thought moving all around Europe was a grand adventure, even if she couldn't socialize with humans.

    Fritz was heading to the grocery store. He couldn't eat food anymore but both Aspen and Sabella could. As he was walking, he heard a drunk man harassing a woman. The world was dangerous for a Vampire but Fritz knew he couldn't just walk away and pretend like he didn't hear anything. He wasn't that type of man. Stopping a drunk jerk from harassing a woman was how he had gotten captured and turned into a Vampire in the first place. Oh well, old habits died hard.

    By the time he reached the alley he saw the woman handled it herself. He was surprised to see Paloma. He hadn't seen her in four years and it made him happy to know that someone else from the community was alive and here.

    "I suggest you get lost before she breaks something else."

    Fritz told the drunk man. He knew Paloma, she was more then capable of protecting herself.

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    Paloma Sandoval

    Paloma caught Fritz's scent before he reached her. She couldn't believe it...An old friend from the community. Someone she hadn't seen in years. She was excited but first things first, she had to get rid of the drunk human.

    "Which I will."

    Paloma told the drunk man with a serious look on her face. She had had enough of this man. With Fritz's arrival he seemed to get the hint finally to get lost. He looked between the two and decided that Paloma wasn't worth the trouble after all. He cursed at them both and ran off. With the man gone, Paloma smiled as she turned to Fritz.

    "Fritz, it's good to see you."

    She said and gave him a hug. It was good to see an old friend. She and the McCombs had taken refuge in Belgium when Ivy was pregnant with Austin. They decided that they couldn't just keep moving the kids. They needed some stability and with a third little one, it made more sense to stay in one place.

    "Have you been in Brussels long?"

    She asked, wondering how long they had shared the same city without running into each other before.

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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz was glad to see the drunk human decided to get lost. It would have been better for him in the long run. He happily returned Paloma's hug, it was good to see an old friend. Especially after spending so many years not seeing any of his friends. It had been just himself, Aspen, ans Sabella for far too long.

    "It's good to see you too, Paloma."

    He told her and shook his head.

    "Aspen, Sabella, and I have only been here a few weeks. How about you?"

    They never stayed anywhere too long, it was seemed too dangerous to get too comfortable in a place. They had gotten too comfortable in Russia, where they moved their community. He was never going to make that mistake again.

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    Paloma Sandoval

    It didn't escape Paloma that Fritz only mentioned his daughter and granddaughter were with him. She understood how that felt all too well to be separated from members of your family. And how hard it was to be separated from your spouse.

    "I'm sorry that Zabel and Krikor aren't with you. It's just been me, Duncan, AJ, Ivy, and their kids since...that day."

    She told him. At his question, she replied.

    "We've been here a little over two years. We settled in Brussels when Ivy was close to giving birth to their son, Austin. It was getting too hard to keep moving with the kids. We realized that Duncan and Nora needed some stability and with Austin coming...It made it more obvious to us."

    She held up the bag she had been carrying and said.

    "Plus, with Ivy having another baby, it would be too difficult to keep moving the little ones. Not if we can prevent it."

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