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    The Grimoire (Information)

    The Grimoire (Information)

    Our brave heroes have found a book of spells called a grimoire! Yay!

    Everyone is free to contribute spells to the book. The parameters are the following:

    1.) The format is "A spell to [whatever you want it to do]" with a simple illustration beneath. To cast the spell, one just needs to read that phrase aloud to activate the page.

    2.) Each spell can only be used once. After it has been used, the page burns away. Spells may be used to reverse other spells, but the reversals also count as one-time use.

    3.) A spell cannot work if Maleficent, Kalona, or Isobel specifically object to it, since they are the owners of the book. They don't necessarily have to give explicit permission, but any of them can veto it if they are actively opposed to the action.

    To help keep straight exactly what's in the book, I'm going to keep a list of the spells the characters discover, and whether those spells are used or unused. Feel free to add whatever you want!

    Grimoire Spells
    Page One: A spell to return flesh whence it came (Used)
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