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    Article: Happy 15th Anniversary Quarrels and Quills!

    Article: Happy 15th Anniversary Quarrels and Quills!

    You can view the page at http://quarrelsandquills.com/content...ls-and-Quills!

    It's now been fifteen years since Quarrels and Quills has been founded.

    We've come a long way since the final days of Crossgen and have created many fun stories along the way.

    Here's to many more years.

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    Happy anniversary to Q & Q.

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    Awesome! Happy quinceañera to Q&Q!
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    Hokey smokes, has it been that long? Wow. Happy anni everyone!
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    Seen late, but happy anniversary indeed! From the diminishing number of posts we must be showing our age! (I just deleted a spam post from this thread)
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    Although the site isn't as busy as it used to be, I think it's pretty amazing that (at least in some subforums) it's steadily active.

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    Bugger, hard to belive it's been that long
    Trying to catch M in posts


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