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Thread: Happy Holiday's

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    One of my clients would be quick to assure you (as he assures me regularly) that the holidays are not, in fact, over, because Valentine's Day is still coming up.
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    Well, he does have a point. I saw stores putting up Valentine's Day decor the weekend after Christmas.

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    That happened here too! I get irrationally annoyed when holiday stuff starts too early. I started hearing Christmas music before Halloween this year, and I wanted to yell "Stay in your lane!"

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    My Mom has this weird thing where every time she tries to say "Valentine's Day" it comes out "Halloween". I have now picked it up. I don't think we're necessarily WRONG...
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    I would support Valentine's Day being replaced with Second Halloween!

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    LOL! Candy is good and Corey and I don't even do anything for Valentine's Day. Don't need a Hallmark holiday to show each other we love and appreciate each other.

    Also, Corey and I decided that Halloween to Christmas is now just HalloThanksMas season since the Christmas stuff gets put out before Halloween even happens.

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    I like it! I think HalloThanksMas will catch on!

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