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    Nice we can all sum ourselves up in a few simply questions.

    Name: Martin (call me that and ill rip your spleen out... Mart, or Marty is fine)
    Age: 22
    Birthday: Sep 18
    Location: Glasgow Scotland.
    Occupation: Student/Dropout/Student

    Relationship status:Single... what are you implying?
    Children: Where!!? Let me go get a stick to beat them with.
    Pets: Do flatmates count?

    Fav movies/TV: Alot and alot! Bookgroup, Spaced, Black Books, LoTR, Anime!!!, and so forth.
    Video Games: Arc the Lad, all the FFs, WoW
    Comics: Sandman, Exiles, Bratpack, Xmen, We3, Authority, Sandman, Battle Royale, Dark Angel... lots more.

    Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour chicken!
    Favorite Beverage: Most things alcoholic... i think paint stripper might be included.
    Dessert: a cigarette

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Outside... but theres wolves out there...
    Future goals: To solve the mystery of life *

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Dave.
    Age: 36.
    Birthday: 16 March.
    Location: Invercargill, New Zealand.
    Occupation: Trying to make sense of a geographic information system.

    Relationship status: Independent.
    Children: None.
    Pets: None.
    Dependants: One car and three motorcycles.

    Favourite bands: Space Waltz, Blind Melon, Chagall Guevara, The Clean, The Chills, Split Enz, Sneaky Feelings, The Verlaines, Schnell Fenster, Midnight Oil, The Bats, The Terminals... just about anything on the Flying Nun label up to the mid `nineties, actually.
    Favourite movies: "Goodbye Pork Pie", "Hercules Returns".
    Favourite TV shows: "Doctor Who", "Sapphire and Steel", "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy".
    Favourite Video Games: "Vulgus", "Exerion".
    Favourite Comics: "Astro City", "Sojourn", "Scion", "She-Hulk" and most stuff by Peter David, Kurt Busiek or Alan Moore.
    Favourite Food: Anything decent that I don't have to cook myself.
    Favourite Beverages: Coffee, beer, grapefruit juice.
    Dessert: Fresh fruit.

    Favourite place to go on vacation: Waikaia.
    Future goals: Keep my sanity at least as intact as it is at the moment (not that that's saying much).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprouse001
    posted by Xetal
    Spotted Dick & custard

    i'm scared to ask what that is.
    The number of jokes I've seen about it in American movies, and you don't know what it is? *

    It's a sweet suet pudding with raisins in it (the 'spots.') Before the jokes start, anyway..... . Custard is a hot, sweet, milk-based, vanilla-flavored sauce you pour over it.
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    sounds good. this is the first time i ever heard of it.
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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Corey
    Age: 26
    Birthday: January 23rd
    Location: Ohio
    Occupation: Salesperson, but starting a new job soon
    Relationship status: Engaged.
    Children: Jenny is pregnant with our 1st child.
    Pets: None myself unless you count Jenny's 2 cats that still live at her parents' home.
    Fav movies/TV: CSI, Survivor (thanks to Jenny), Raw, Smackdown, Transformers, more but I can't think of any right now.
    Video Games: Jurassic Park: Operation Gensis, Burnout 2, Wrestling games
    Comics: Transformers but I haven't bought any in months.
    Favorite Food: Lasagna
    Favorite Beverage: Ice Tea
    Dessert: Cheesecake
    Favorite place to go on vacation: A zoo.
    Future goals: To find a good job and be a good husband and father.

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Jenny
    Age: 21
    Birthday: July 20
    Location: Ohio
    Occupation: College student and computer lab worker
    Relationship status: Engaged
    Children: I'm pregnant with my 1st baby.
    Pets: None at my apartment because I can't have pets. My cats are Roscoe and Missy, but they live at my parents home.
    Fav movies/TV: Amazing Race, Survivor, CSI, Charmed, Smackdown, Raw, I like too many movies to name. Shrek and Spiderman come to mind though.
    Video Games: Final Fantasy (some not all), Burnout 2, and wrestling.
    Comics: I liked Transformers G1 and Sojourn
    Favorite Food: About anything Corey cooks, he is a great cook
    Favorite Beverage: Fruit juice and milk
    Dessert: Cake, brownies, cookies...Many sweets
    Favorite place to go on vacation: The zoo or an amusement park.
    Future goals: Finish college and be a good wife and mother.

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    job:fastfood(will be working for degree in locksmithing)
    Petsirana named "buddy"
    movies/TV:csi,star wars,star trek,men in tights,are you being served,top gun,back yard dogs
    Video Games:raw vs smackdown,sims
    Comics:dont read any
    Favorite Foodizza(ya im also lactoce intolerant)
    Favorite Beverage:cool aid
    Dessert:non above mentioned
    Favorite place to go on vacation:anywere(havent been meny places
    Future goals:get diploma,become wrestler,taveland maybe get married
    things to get over:bad burn from first and only gf,and trust in a relationship again
    pain is an illusion...................... that really hurts.

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    Interesting facts about everyone. Keep'm comig.


    the macaroni I think you're refering to is pronounced "Ahh-oy"Although I don't know how to spell it.I usually use oil,spaghetti noodles and garlic.

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    *Laughs* That sounds Hawaiian more than Italian. The ingredients sound about right though. Someone in my family has to know how to spell it...

    How's Jesse and "the baby"?
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    Jesse's in a specialized hospital over in Little Rock.He loves it there."The baby"is doing very well.A lil' to big for her britches,but it's all good.Thanks for asking.

    More posting,peoples!!

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