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Thread: SIMPLE-Dayton

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    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    "We'll accompany you until we have to split off for Rosa's office, Gillian."

    Walks inside and takes the elevator to the floor Rosa's office is on only to see a note. 'Forward anything important to Ambrose'

    "Guess we follow Gillian all the way."

    Walks to Ambrose's office.

    Ambrose looks up from his desk, across the room of strange items to Alex.

    "I don't mind a bit of healthy pranks between personel but I draw the line at damage to the building."

    Before he could say more Eve, Kelly, and any who accompanied them arrived.

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    Gillian ponders stretching out as soon as they get into the protected areas of the building, briefly thinks better of it for the newbie's sake, and then decides that, ehh, he'll have to get used to it sooner or later.

    As they walk towards Ambrose's office, Gillian begins to shrug as if she's tossing off her sweater. *Instead of getting shrugged off it bulges out to the sides and is finally pushed out of the way by four octopus-like tentacles. *Finally, Gillian stretches out the tentacles in addition to her arms and arches her back, getting in a stretch she's needed since boarding the train at Suburban Station in Philly.

    As she finishes, she looks over to Luke with a smirk, to see his reaction.
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    Luke stopped in his tracks, looking at Gillian in shock. He shook his head briefly and rubbed his eyes before looking again. Nope, he wasn't seeing things.

    Ok. When did I enter the Twilight Zone?

    Luke shook his head again and figured that answer could wait. For now. He followed Kelly and "Spidergirl" into the office.
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    Just before entering the office, Gillian continues to smirk satisfiedly as she replies, "When you walked in the door."
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    "Uh oh, I think the principal heard us..." Ilyhandra says like a child that just got in trouble for doodling on the wall in permament marker. She then zips off to the director's office, though in *an oddly lethargic type of zip. Standing in front of Ambrose's desk she says, "You called Fearless Leader?"
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    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Kelly remained quiet once arriving. She sensed the tention and decided not to increase it.

    "Take a seat Ilyhandra. Once I get done talking to you about tormenting Mr. Reynolds, I want to ask you a few questions about some interesting orders."

    He turns to look at Gillian, Luke, and Kelly.

    "The Twilight Zone has used some of our old cases for episodes. Rosa phoned me about you Mr. Black. She suspects that you may be as unusual as Gillian but in your own ways."

    Walks around his desk and pulls out a file.

    "Your report can hold for a few moments, Gillian. I'm sure Mr. Black has plenty of questions."
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    Eve walks in and gives her best innocent smile. Unfortunately it comes off as unnatural. For Luke, she feels like she could be Lucifer's twin sister. She gives Luke a disguested sneeze.

    "You should change aftershaves."
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    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattson
    "Your report can hold for a few moments, Gillian. I'm sure Mr. Black has plenty of questions."
    "Yes, sir," Gillian replies, sighing, her tentacles swaying impatiently. *She raises a curious glance at Ilyhandra and transmits telepathically, smirking, *I see you haven't changed. *What'd you do, bury him in ice cream?*
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    Sitting down in the nearest, chair she says with all of the innocence of a child, "Why Mr. Director sir, I'm not certain what you're talking about?" Batting a pair of lovely eye lashes at Ambrose. She knew it wasn't going to work, but at least it's fun to try.

    At Gillian's telepathic message she just repsonds, *No, I wouldn't waste ice cream like that. I just seduced him a bit so that Eve can stick a slug up his butt. All perfectly normal fun.*
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    Alex stood there in the doorway watching everyone come in. *He noticed Gillian and those octopus like tentacles of hers. *In any other building on any other job, that would seem a tad bit abnormal. *But not here. *It seemed like everyone on SIMPLE's roster was coming into the office. Maybe he would actually get assigned to a mission. *The prospects of finally testing his suit excited him as he spoke.

    "So chief...when do I get to blow stuff up?"
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