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Thread: SIMPLE-Dayton

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    "Well Ambrose knows that we get ice cream shipments regularly," Ilyhandra says moving towards a counter in search of some sort of implement. "Though his original requests weren't enough, so I started to order a greater variety so I don't get bored with just the plain vanilla and chocolate." Eventually she pulls out a large spoon, she runs in back and comes back with a drum of Berry Blitz, already scooping a few spoonfuls into her mouth. "Besides, it's one of the few joys I have here and won't give it up. I take what I want without any sort of componsation unless I feel like it. Paying for stuff is only something that happens to mortals after all..."
    ***** Ilyhandra *****
    Enslaved fae

    "Try it against the fae, and ya'll feel my madness."
    ~Dr. John, The Night Tripper

    A Smokin' Joe production.
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    "Indeed. Poor Rosa. Guess she'll have to figure how to write that in the books. The tediousness of this age. I honestly don't know how mortals handle it."

    Walks over to the stove and removes the cake *and begins frosting it.

    "So what are we going to do to welcome Gillian back?"

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    At the question on what to do once Gillian arrives, the fae lightly taps the spoon she has been eating ice cream with on her lips a couple of times. "Well... That is a bit of a quandry, isn't it? She just came back from a funeral, so she'll probably want to get out of that mood and back into the swing of things about here. We could surprise her when she comes into her room with cake, ice cream, and what ever other festive things we could scrounge up. Or better yet, ICE CREAM FIGHT!!!!!"
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    Luke sat in his large cubicle, looking at one of the four monitors on his desk. The background wallpaper on each of the monitors was of Neo with the standard green Matrix code behind him. Scattered across the various screens were a number of programs that he was using to monitor the network and computers in the Enigma Software office. As IT manager, it was his responsibility to make sure the computers were safe and secure at all times. At the same time, he was told that he had to make absolutely sure that no one could hack there way into the system, period.

    On the screen that Luke was looking at currently was an MSN chat window. Luke was using the nickname "Neo" complete with a picture of Neo, while the person he was chatting with was using the nickname "Morpheus" with a similar picture of Morpheus for the avatar.

    Morpheus: So, let me get this straight. You want me to crack into your network there?

    Luke: If you think you can.

    Morpheus: There isn't a system anywhere I can't crack.

    Luke: I'd like to see you try.

    Luke shifted his attention from the MSN window to some of the other monitoring windows. Sure enough "Morpheus" was trying to break into the system. Luke watched with satisfaction as entry point after entry point was denied. Finally, the hacker found an area that Luke hadn't seen before. At that point, the MSN window chimed and flashed again.

    Morpheus: Hah! I told your that nothing could keep me out!

    Luke: Thanks.

    Luke switched over to another window, and "Morpheus" out of the computer he'd infiltrated. It was a dummy computer, and a dummy network, so nothing was jeopardized within Enigma's own network. But that security hole that Morpheus discovered also existed in Enigma's own system, and would have to be plugged, and quick.

    Morpheus: So, why you having me bust into networks that have nothing in them?

    Luke: So I can keep you out tomorrow.

    Morpheus: You'll never learn. I'll always find a way.

    Luke: I'm counting on it.

    Luke smiled and leaned back in his chair. He had stumbled across Morpheus on a hacker message board. Morpheus got his kicks breaking into systems. He claimed he never took anything of value, just sent in "Agent Smith" to annoy users of systems that had been hacked. Whether it was true or not, Luke never knew.

    Luke knew it was dangerous letting a anonymous hacker attack his system. Of course, he always led Morpheus to that protected and useless system. Despite that, there was always a chance that Morpheus could turn on him, and attempt to hack Enigma's network. So far, though, it seemed Luke had managed to convince Morpheus that he was one of the ones fighting the system. Luke had faith it would remain that way.

    Luke shut down his MSN, closing his chat session with Morpheus. He keyed in some new information into his computer, and the screens flashed showing an entirely different network and set of computers in the Enigma Software office. This one was the vital one to be watched and protected. There were signs of attempted intrusion, but no one had found the security hole that Morpheus had found. As he quickly typed some commands, that security hole soon became plugged as well. No one would be coming through that back door.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Gillian examines the corpse briefly, struggles to squirm a tentacle out of her sundress, and touches the corpse, searching for psychic residue. *After that, she moves on, examining the altar and the writing. *She traces her fingers across the scrawlings as she tries to discern their meaning. *Sniffing the air, she announces dourly, "smells like family."
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    (Gillian highlight the below for some info)

    The smell of demonic magic here is old. Not ancient power but not used recently. There is another type of magic however, witchish.

    The writing seems mostly complete and if someone knew how could complete the spell

    And back at HQ...

    "I think not. Cleaning ice cream from lace is annoying." Pauses for a moment. "You bothered the tinkerer today?"
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    The back mounted thrusters of that armored combat suit would quickly grow quiet at Alex touched down in an open area inside an industrial shipping dock. *It was around midnight, the sky full of thousands upon thousands of bright little stars, as well as that big shiny sphere above, the full moon. *By the sight of that alone Alex knew this was going to be interesting. *He began to slowly walk around, scanning the various warehouses and cargo containers for signs of hostiles, so far nothing coming up. *If there was something hiding here, they sure knew how to not make their presence known. *Suddenly he heard a howling noise. *For a moment Alex thought that that was just the wind whipping through the small alleys and shattered warehouse windows of the district, but then he heard another, and another, until it seemed like the whole dock area was howling at him in one voice. *It was go time. *The computer screen inside his helmet would flash "Warning, Object Approaching from Behind!" *He had already heard the loud thunderous footsteps, werewolves were not exactly the stealthiest of creatures. *Either way Alex whipped around with his right armor clad fist ready to strike, slamming it into the lower jaw of the lycan as it charged at him full speed. *The sickening sound of splintering bone could be heard as blood and shattered bits of teeth flew through the air.The werewolf's head spun around with a snap, and it immediately fell to the ground paralyzed from the neck down.

    "Oh weak...come on...was that it?"

    Alex would shout into the air, but at that exact moment two more of the massive furry creatures began to charge at him from either side. *With a spray of fire from his back mounted thrusters, Alex shot over to the one coming from his left, gripping its throat in his right hand and whipping the entire animal at its charging partner with a single arm. *The two lycans would collide and fall to the ground in a dazed state. *It took them only a few seconds later to stand up and face him, their blood red eyes glowing in the night as they snarled to show their teeth, saliva dripping from the jaws. *They would begin to charge at him in unison when he turned on the afterburners and propelled himself straight between them. *Alex would turn around in mid-flight, extending his left arm at the back of the two creatures and let loose a spray of flaming napalm at them. *The jellied gasoline would stick to their furry hides and burn with the fury of a forest fire. *There was no way to put the flames out, save letting them burn themselves out. *And he watched as the beasts fell to the ground letting roars of pain into the cold night air. *Another warning would flash across the screen inside his helmet, but it was too late. *Apparently out of nowhere another werewolf charged into him, slamming him out of his flight and into a brick wall. *The creature would try to lunge forward and clamp its massive jaws around his armored neck, but was promptly met with Alex's right fist. *He shoved his forearm into the lycan's mouth and launched one of his "sticky shocker" devices straight down it's throat. *A massive electrical charge would tear through the insides of the creature, probably cooking its internal organs, though not killing it, and the werewolf would simply fall to the ground incapacitated. *He made his way past the fallen bodies of his furry adversaries, clearly not impressed.

    "And this was supposed to be a challenge? *I could have had a better fight with a bunch of midgets...."

    Then the howls began again, though this time it seemed like more, much much more. *That was when, like cockroaches coming out of the walls, werewolves would begin busting through the large glass windows of the surrounding warehouses around him, others tearing through doorways. They were coming out of the woodwork. *He spun around doing a quick scan of the area, his suit's computer detected 25 in all. *This is what he wanted! *They would all surround him in a circle, Alex directly in the middle. *The werewolves growled and snarled, barking at him with their massive teeth displayed.

    "Now this is where the fun begins..."

    Alex would say as he got into his fighting stance, ejecting the two energy blades housed in the forearms of his suit directly into the palms of his hands. *The blades would extend to their full length as the lycans began to pounce. *The blades would spiral through the air and twirl with a hiss as blood, and bits of furry arms, fingers, and hands flew through the air. *Alex wielded those blades with the skill of a true master, and the yelping pains of his opponents proved that. *He hacked away at as many as he could until they all began to pile on top of him. *With a massive scream from his back mounted thrusters, Alex shot to the sky, blasting the dog pile of lycans off him. *That was when he noticed the rather tall loading crane. *The hip mounted machine guns of his would swivel into firing position as they locked onto the base of the crane, and with a sound not unlike a lawnmower, Alex blasted away with the high explosive rounds. *The base of the crane would be blasted into pieces of shrapnel, and swooping down towards the top of the structure, he let loose a massive punch. *The crane would topple over, crashing to the ground and collapsing on top of the remaining werewolves in a twisted display of metal and blood. *Alex landed on the ground and looked around with satisfaction. *He was pleased with his work. *Though it all seemed a bit too easy. *Then, out of nowhere, Alex was hit with a monumental electric charge. *He was flung backwards straight through a concrete wall as the computer screen inside his helmet went fuzzy and died. *This was no ordinary shock. *It had to be well over 5 million volts to fry his suit's internal computers. *He could not move, nor fly, he sat there helpless as the originator of the blow stepped out from the shadows into view. *That was when Alex immediately recognized him from the SIMPLE archives. *It was Eryk Selka, KIRA's electrokinetic operative.

    "Wait a damn second, you're not supposed to be here! That's it...Janice.....End simulation!"

    At that moment the entire world froze, the howling winds stopped, the mangled bodies of lycans stopped writhing in pain. *Alex removed the virtual reality helmet from his head and found himself in his laboratory inside the SIMPLE building.

    "Is there a problem Alex?"

    A feminine computerized voice spoke out to him. *it was Janice, the AI construct Alex specifically designed to help him with simulations and testing of his combat suit.

    "I said I wanted a challenge not suicide! *Why the hell'd you put the psychic in there!"

    "I am sorry Alex, such a thing will not happen again."
    Janice responded.

    "It better not. *And next time, increase the difficulty level of the werewolves. *Those ones were pansies. *Anyway I'm hungry, so I'm of to the cafeteria. *I'll analyze the data later."

    "Will do Alex."

    And with that Alex took off down the halls, making his way towards the cafeteria. *Nothing like a simulated battle with a bunch of stupid furry dogs to make a guy hungry. *Maybe if he was lucky they'd have tome tacos.

    (Sorry, I know its a tad bit long. *All my entrances seem to end up that way)
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    Gillian frowns at the traces. *Any demon that was here passed through long ago. *Which means...

    That half-melted corpse was killed by a human craft-user gone mad. *Just wonderful. *She pulls a notepad and pencil out of a pocket in her sweater-jacket and writes down the almost-completed spell for crosschecking later.

    After giving the scene another quick once over, Gillian fidgets the tentacle she wormed out of the armhole of her sundress back in, uncomfortably, and heads back up the stairs. *"My department will handle this," she tells the ranking officer on scene matter-of-factly and heads to the car.

    Once she's in and the doors are closed, Gillian comments to Kelly, "Some sort of demonic altar in there, but our perp is some sort of Witch, probably with corrosive powers. *This is going to get ugly," she comments dryly, listening for Kelly's reaction - both vocal and thoughtwise.
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    Gerry was hoping he wasn't going to have to sleep rough again tonight. He'd just found out the hard way that one problem with kipping on a park bench was that when things got chilly the more metallic parts of his anatomy also got chilly and things could just about get really uncomfortable.

    So he was reading through the previous weekend's paper he'd rescued from a bin, seeing if there were any promising leads on jobs so low-brow that they could be performed satisfactorily by someone who was rapidly discovering that he needed to re-learn just about everything about hand, eye and muscle co-ordination.

    As if to accentuate that point, he accidentally tore the newspaper in half without even thinking of doing so.

    Well, darn.
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    A hotdog vendor stood behind his cart, but his attention was somewhere else altogether. All throughout the day, people passed by him and seemed to be going to the same direction - towards the old abandoned building. Something big must be going on, he thought to himself.

    When he turned his attention back to his cart, Moira was there, standing and looking at him blankly. "What the!" he yelped, clutching his heart. "How many times have I told you not to do that, child! You're going to give me a heart attack." Benny, the hotdog vendor, always thought there was something odd about Moira from the moment Simon had introduced her to him. She didn't seem to make any sound at all. If he didn't hear for himself an occasional murmur of words from the girl, he'd think she was deaf and mute.

    Moira looked down, and with all the years Benny knew the girl, he knew this was her way of apologizing. "Oh, hush, you. Don't give me that look. It's alright," he said shaking his head as he started to make two chili cheese dogs.

    "The usual, I suppose? Right. So, how's business for Simon today? Good? That's great, and you? Fantastic as well? Good to know, good to know. Lovely day, isn't it? Why yes, there seem to be more than the usual people today and they're all heading that-a-way. How very observant of you." He knew Moira wouldn't be replying to anything he said, but he always thought it was worth trying.

    He handed Moira the hotdogs and two bottles of water, then took the money she handed him. "Alright, you take care now. Say hello to Simon for me." Moira managed a meek smile and a nod before weaving herself through the rush of people on the street, leaving the Benny wondering, like always, what happened to that girl that made her turn out that way.
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