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Thread: SIMPLE-Dayton

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    Standing by the train terminal, SIMPLE's librarian looked more nervous then normal as she glanced from her book to await the train Gillian was riding back to Dayton. She had wanted to be more useful but even an easy pick up job was giving her jitters. Maybe bringing that book on ghost trains wasn't the best idea.

    With an eep she jumped up as her cell range and manged to fumble it out on the thrid ring.

    "Yes? Yes, sir. A what? Ooh. That is...I'm not going to vomit. *I'll take her there."

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Gillian watches the scenery fly by the window of the AMTRAK train, mentally reviewing the cryptozoology of the various regions the train passed through on its way from Philadelphia to Dayton to pass the time.

    Finally, the train arrives. *She steps off wearing a simple black sundress and black sweater jacket, with her extra limbs well-concelaed by being tucked down uncomfortably into the dress - she should have just worn her trenchcoat, she mutters to herself, but then again a trenchcoat isn't exactly considered mourning-wear.

    Gillian sighs and looks around for someone she recognizes from the Dayton chapter, and eventually spots Kelly. *Gillian walks up to her and says quietly, "Miss Marshalls? *Looking for me?"
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    Eeps as she often does.

    "Yes, Miss Smith. I'm here to give you a lift home but the director asked me to take you elsewhere. It, um, gets ugly."
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    Gillian backs away from Kelly slightly. *Geesh, she startles easily.

    "Great," she replies wryly, and sighs. *"So much for visiting mom's and Maya's grave... What is it? *Someone try to summon a greater demon and mess up their binding circle? *Some sort of death cult? *Mass vermin possession?"
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    "Its um, acidic. Old. Think something locked up back in the 20s got loose or came back."

    Scurries over to the car and clears the passenger seat of books and drives off once Gillian gets in.

    A short drive later, they arrive at a building scheduled for demolition. Police tape covers the door and the usual crowd of gawkers and mooks *press forward.

    "Ambrose said it was a just ID it mission. I'll....be in the car. Sorry."
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    SIMPLEtons dodged and ducked into other rooms avoiding the young blonde girl who appeared in her early teens. Her black lolli-goth dress was a contrast to the attire of most while her eyes betrayed an age far beyond her years.

    It wasn't often that Eve left her floor but she was hungry and fear was as good as cake but she did want some devil's food cake. More importantly, things were starting to get interesting. She could smell it and well, it'd been so long since Ambrose had let her play.

    She stopped outside the cafeteria and scowled. Typical, ice cream shipment was delaying her cake.
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    Gillian slips into the car, squeezing in among the books still there. *"Acidic? *Ew. *No place like home..." *She wonders what happened to Kelly Marshalls to make her so skittish - the Paper Master she remembered coming on the staff right as she left for training was much more confident. *Eh, mission first. *She'll ask on the way back.

    Once they get there, Gillian piles out of the car and heads in to investigate, all her senses on full alert lest some acid monster jumps out and tries to eat her face.
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    The cops onscene let Gillian pass. (one of the perks of SIMPLE, nice IDs) Inside is a half melted body at the top of the basement stairs. Further down there is a dusty room with an alter and strange writing.
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    Moving from the freezer to a truck outside one person in beige overhauls hauls five gallon drums of several different flavors of ice cream inside. They range from Apple Cinnimon to Uber-Chocolate Explosion and in volumes that could feed an army for a month. Eventually he was done and turned towards a man in a baking schmock that looked more like an accounting clerk than a chef. "Alright Mr. DeCroix, sign here and we'll put this on your tab."

    The man looked down at the clip board offered to him carefully, reading it over before even picking up a pen. "Well everything SEEMS to be in order. Though the exclusion of Banana Berry Bonanza last week almost caused a riot here..."

    "I'm sorry sir," The delievery boy says shrugging his shoulders, "But they stopped making that kind for the time being due to not being able to ship enough of it."

    Mr. DeCroix just stares at him, like he was some sort of bug that climbed up his shirt to sit directly on his nose. "Well I guess we can forgive you, this time," He says signing his name on the manifest. "But keep us informed next time when they are about to discontinue a flavor we purchase. You don't want to see these men angry because they have no desert..."

    About as quickly as he could the delivery boy turns about and walks out of the cafiteria without seeming like he was in a hurry. All the while Mr. DeCroix watched the back of his head with a serpentine movement of his head. A few minutes after he was gone, he started to shimmer, seeming to break up into light blue motes before shattering to become an insanely beautiful woman with a five foot ear-span and silky purple hair. She then laughs in triumph saying in a *Scottish accent, "Ah, what fools these mortals be! Once their eyes leave the scene, I make away with the cream!"

    Spreading a pair of rainbow colored wings, she is about to take a flying leap into the freezer when she sees the creepy little girl at the doorway. "Ah, good day to you Eve. Out instilling fear amoung the populous or just here for a snack?"
    ***** Ilyhandra *****
    Enslaved fae

    "Try it against the fae, and ya'll feel my madness."
    ~Dr. John, The Night Tripper

    A Smokin' Joe production.
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    "I seek dark moist forbidden delights. Your ice cream scam is delaying that."

    Eve hops onto an empty drum.

    "Does Ambrose know about this?"
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