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    (Wow Im late, lol, Ill look at something and see if I can jump in, thanks guys!)
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    Sinister Feral Warrior

    Race: Secundae
    Sex: Female
    Age: Appears to be in early 20′s
    Height: 5’8″
    Hair: Long, Raven Black
    Eyes: Brown, Glows Sinister Red when using powers.

    Father: Jas (Alternate Reality)
    Mother: Oreina (Alternate Reality)
    Older Brother: Iolair
    Twin Sister: Keilynn
    Half-Brother: Aithen


    Kiera appears to be in her early 20′s. Her raven black hair is long, and often worn in a pony-tail. She often has a serious expression, rarely smiling. As she is a shape shifter, she can take the form of many different kinds of land animals. She prefers large cats, particularly the black panther, most of all.


    Kiera is stubborn, temperamental, and impatient. She is prone to making rash decisions that have the tendency to get her hurt. Her family is important to her, and is the only thing she cares about aside from herself. Everything she does is for her safety and the safety of her brothers and sister. She hates her real father, Jas, for the way he treated them growing up, and how he later disappeared. She is unaware that the Jas she knew isn’t the same Jas that exists in the present.


    – Kiera has the ability to change her shape into that of any land mammal. She prefers large cats, particularly black panthers.

    Tree Transportation
    – Kiera has the ability to move through trees, entering one tree and emerging from another tree. It is her methods of teleportation, and she can do this via any tree. There is no limit to the distance that can be traveled. The only condition is that the start and destination trees must be alive. She cannot travel to/from a dead or petrified tree. If necessary, she can take others with her into the trees, if they are holding hands, but it is much more difficult.

    Powers over Earth and Nature
    – Kiera has powers that allow her to manipulate earth and nature, specifically plants as opposed to animals. She can move earth, heal plants, cause plants to grow or move, and so on.


    Kiera was born to Jas and Oreina in a reality that doesn’t fully exist anymore. After she was born, the man claiming to be her father, a Sinister version of Jas, kidnapped her, her twin sister Keilynn, and their older brother, Iolair. He took them to an alternate dimension where he raised them without knowledge of their mother. It wasn’t until Kiera was a young teen that Oreina found her way into the Alternate Dimension and rescued them.

    Jas disappeared out of their lives at that point, and Oreina married Ruwach. Aithen, their younger brother, was born soon after. They lived together on Tebryna and things appeared to go well for a while, at least until the nightmares came. Iolair and Kiera were told to take Keilynn and Aithen to safety while their parents stayed and fought against the nightmares. As the four children were escaping, Kiera saw as the nightmare demons killed her parents. She wanted to run back and avenge them, but Iolair stopped her, forcing her through a portal to Aerysh.

    The children lived on Aerysh for a number of years following the attack. Iolair and Kiera became the surrogate parents, a role neither of them really wanted. Iolair often disappeared for days at a time, leaving Kiera behind to watch after their brother and sister. Eventually, though, the nightmares found their way to Aerysh. The four fought alongside Jasmin, Bellona, and Alexis’s children against the nightmares, but ultimately it didn’t seem to do much good.

    Things were not going well in the battles against the nightmares and Jasmin led them to a secret laboratory on Aerysh to find something to hopefully help turn the tide against the nightmares. The place was covered in dust, apparently unused in many years. As they searched, Kiera found an unusual looking crystal that seemed to glow as if a rainbow was contained inside of it. It was quite a bit different then the memory crystal that Keilynn had, and she wondered if this could help them ward off the nightmares.

    As Kiera fooled with the crystal, the rainbow light began to emerge from the crystal and quickly enveloped the room. Kiera was hit with extreme pain and blacked out. When she woke up, she found herself transported into an alternate past, safe from the nightmares, but with an unknown future ahead of her.
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