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    Shuya's Soldiers

    Shuya's Soldiers

    Hey all.

    I don't intend to make many characters immediately, but I may eventually.

    Check it out.
    Felix: an absorber driven mad with power, and bent on universal destruction. Better watch out...

    -Big S
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    Re: Shuya's Soldiers

    Re: Shuya's Soldiers

    Name: Mordekai.

    Age: 16

    Status: Secundae

    Appearance: Shoulder-length blue-black hair, lightly tanned skin and green eyes. He has a slim and wiry build, has high cheek-bones, a smallish nose and fairly thick eyebrows. He is better described as 'striking', as oppossed to 'attractive'.

    Personality: Generally cynical of everything around him, but fairly well disposed to people. It's obvious that his intelligence surpasses his years, but he doesn't like to show it off.

    Powers: Psychic contact with all insects. Every existing insect can't possibly refuse him anything. He can also heal them and alter their size, shape and genetic make-up.

    History: Mordekai appeared out of thin air at the doors of the Secundae Orphanage, where he met Sayen and Lyroane. The Orphanage has taken him in....
    "I beg nothing. Not even your pardon. I do not even beg to differ. I differ without begging, and would rather beg from an ancient, rib staring, sightless grovellor at the foot of a column than beg from you sir. The truth is not in you, and your feet smell"

    Titus Alone by Mervyne Peake
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    CrossGen Character Bios

    CrossGen Character Bios

    Current Character Biographies:
    Arnasis, Katrina
    Arnasis, Kevin
    Jacen Bell
    Bell, Jacen (Souless)
    The Bringer of Darkness
    Case, Justin
    Chronicler, Lady Annabell
    Crane, Professor
    The Creature
    Danae (young version)
    Hiedraa, Adam
    Honor's Angel
    K Dogg
    Keep Dragons
    Lawbringer VNTI
    Lilly, Jade
    Lycoth, Kalen
    Macpherson, Ben
    Mattson, Lord
    The Mouse
    Niko, Maneko
    Optimus Prime
    Pixie (young version)
    Qwaring's clone#1
    Qwaring's clone#2
    Sojourn Fan
    Thames, Zamael
    Tiger, Cole
    Tiger, Derrek
    Trena, Professor
    White Tiger
    Wiselann, Alvis

    Biographies on the Archived Message Board:
    Baron Banter
    Dayton, Caleb
    Firehand, Dregoal
    Gator, N. E.
    Hoshino, Ruri
    Jinnai, Makoto
    Johansen, Imlay
    Jones, Rayde Karlson
    Mon, Fraxlyr
    Sakyr, Kalor
    Shimizu, Ayumi
    Shinjo, Eiji
    Steel, Mortin
    Straight, Opal
    Straylight, Adrian
    Sugid, Umekichi
    Veenous, Isianu
    Yamano, Takayuki
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    The Wrong Future


    Name: Keilynn
    Race: Secundae/First
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Golden Yellow, Square pupils
    Hair: Long, wavy, light blonde
    Age/Planet: Currently: Newborn in Elysia; Alternate Future: Aisyle: 14; Alternate Future: Aersyh: 24
    Family: Daughter of Jas and Quaxo, Half-Sister to Kiera, Younger sister of Iolair, Older sister of Aithen

    Powers, Abilities and Weapons
    Aquatic Feral Abilities – including polymorphism to aquatic animals and adaptation of their abilities, such as ability to breathe underwater, poison and other attack and defense mechanisms.
    Teleportation – ability to move from one place to another across dimensions through different bodies of water.
    Water Manipulation – ability to control the state, temperature and density of water and its components.
    Jas’ Memory Crystal – has access to all the memories of her father and all the other former bearers of the memory crystal
    Telepathy – a strong psychic link to her siblings, most specially to her twin sister, Kiera.
    War Training – defensive maneuvers and sword fighting

    Personality and Brief History:
    Keilynn, being the Dexter half of the twins of Jas and Quaxo is the more tempered, democratic one of the two. She balances Kiera’s personality by offering a more laid-back, “look-before-you-leap
    ¸,ø ¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ Keilynn - Aquatic Feral Dexter ¸,ø ¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

    Daughter of Jas and Quaxo || Sister of Iolair || Twin sister of Kiera || Half-sister of Aithen

    Currently powerless in an Alternate Future || Bearer of Jas' Memory Crystal
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    Minity, Angels, Tienna, & Twins, oh my!

    Minity, Angels, Tienna, & Twins, oh my!

    Name: Minity or Aurora
    Sex: Female
    Status: Half Atlantean & Roman depending on the planet you visit she can be known as the Goddess of the Sun, Fire, Heat, Light, Lust, Knowledge, Rebirth, & Power
    Apparent age: Late 20's
    Hair: Changes constantly, normally dark with some sort of highlights
    Eyes: Nearly black and hypnotic, to stare too long into them is to become lost.
    Height: 5'9"
    Appearance: Minity is nicely tanned and extremely attractive no matter what planet she is on...her clothes change on a whim, but they always tend to reveal her nicely toned body, either by being skin tight, or simply by not covering it. However, when visiting her worshipers, she will wear clothing that a particular world finds most appealing.

    ((Minity will usually always look like my avatar, so when it changes her appearance also changes))

    Abilities: Minity is solar deity, and when overseeing her sections of the universe, she is in charge of bringing life to planets and leading the souls of the dead to the underworld. However, she has not performed these tasks herself for some time now, since her servants often do it for her. Like all of her brethren, her strength is greatly augmented, she heals rapidly, is capable of self-propelled flight, single or mass teleportation to nearly any location she knows about, and she is able to survive in the vacuum of space without the need to breathe or eat for an indefinite period of time. Her main power that comes with her title is the ability to control light and heat at the molecular level, causing either devastation or blissful peace depending on her mood. She prefers not to use the destructive aspect of her solar powers very often, as it tends drive reason out of her mind, and leave only the need to "cleanse" the universe of anything that is not "healthy and beautiful". Minity avoids "cleansing" as she feels she has no right to decide which mortals will live and which will die, especially when she feels most of them will eventually go extinct in a fraction of her life time anyway.

    Because of this Minity relies heavily on the use of her psionic powers which includes her control over the light spectrum. Her telepathy is rivaled by few and she can make the mind do nearly anything imaginable including controlling another beings thoughts, send out psionic bolts that cause pain and the feeling of being caught on fire, sedating the mind, casting realistic illusions, astral projection, etc...

    Minity is also a master at manipulating universal energies with a single thought, no words or spells are needed, thus making her even harder to predict because her mind is nearly impossible to read if she does not allow it. Also Minity can create a Veil of Privacy which is a bubble that is cast over a wide range of space (normally 2 or more people) that keeps all thoughts, spells, energies, and beings out. Minity can also use the energies to create telekinetic force fields, concussive blasts and explosions with a wide range of effects.

    Weapons: Minity tends to create psionic or light based swords/knives that cause the mind great pain. She finds great humor at watching her enemies flinch or collapse in pain from a weapon that doesn't truly exist. However, Minity is proficient in almost all forms of weaponry including advanced technology. Any knew information can easily be acquired through use of one or more of her generals, specifically Iris. Minity also has access to an extremely large, powerful, and ornate broad sword that belonged to her father Apollo. In the past, she often used this sword while cleansing, wiping out dozens of beings with a single blow.

    Family: Daughter of the Roman Sun God Appollo and a Pre-Transitioned Atlantean mother, sister to Bellona and Pax, In-Law to all of Mattson's family. Minity is the mother of the the twins Aether and Hemera, the God of the Upper Air and Goddess of the Daylight respectively, and she is also the mother of the Moon Goddess, Ina Sol.

    Love interest: She is married to Mattson! the God of TIGHT BUTTS!!! Although one of her best kept secrets is that she has had long standing crushes on Ares the God of War, and Hades the God of Death, both of whom seem untouchable to her.

    Personality: Minity tends to give off the perception that she is self-indulgent, vain, and naive. However, if people actually take the time to get past her obvious superior attitude, they will see that she is actually very observant, analytical, intelligent, opinionated, and passionate.

    Rivals: Too many to name, her beauty and dignity stir jealousy in many Goddess' and cause Gods to fall madly in love with her.

    Brief History: Minity has done a great deal in her long lifetime. Her first job after entering her Godhood, was to cleanse the universe of the diseased, bring life to the cleansed areas, and then transport the newly deceased to God of the Dead. The God and Goddess of War use to find it very entertaining to follow her on her journeys and watch in amazement as she single handedly wiped out entire solar systems only to rebuild them again. She, eventually gave up this draining task and gained a permanent seat on the Sinister High Council of the Gods whenever she wished to hold one. She also has defeated numerous enemies of the First, including Negation Generals and even the Lawbringer VNTI nearly devastating a planet in the process. She eventually married the calm, peaceful Mattson and the two had a blissful marriage until constant wars, countless deaths including her own exaggerated one, and long bouts of separations caused a strain. However when Minity had a secret affair with Millennium Lord Imperial of the First, she feared her marriage was finished. Despite being constantly called a whore and home wrecker, Mattson eventually forgave her, despite urges from many to leave the Solar Goddess. She eventually was infected with a disease created by another Goddess named Oriena, called the Chai. This being inside her caused her to forget about her newborn child soon after she gave birth. While possessed she also obliterated a male version of herself from another reality, and even destroyed her own army along with him, while taking a chunk out of Elysia itself in the process. She eventually rid herself of the chai and went into a self imposed exile on a water filled planet in order to recuperate. When she finally decided to return to her unwelcoming home of Elysia, she was hit by Paradox energies which caused her past to become altered. However, because of the great strain it caused her psyche, she was left unconscious in the cold emptiness of space for days when a being of immeasurable power placed her in his world of toys along with another Goddess, Nikita, who she quickly befriended.

    Sometime later, Minity was rescued by her half sister, Bellona, the Goddess of War, who helped her find her way back to her universe. Here she helped her sister and Millenium fight against the beings known as the Requiem. Minity was then manipulated into serving the Atlantean known as Alexis who was in reality, the malevolent force known as Evil. After being transformed his "Evil" Dark Generals, Minity was impregnated with a dark child. She then assisted him in destroying a number of solar systems before leading a full out assault on the Matrix Quadrant. Here, her Generals and Army attempted to conquer the Quadrant so that she could use the pure stars to recreate reality. After her Generals disconnected themselves from the Sun Goddess, Minity lost a large portion of her defenses and was eventually confronted by her husband, who was long thought dead. With his aid, Minity burned out the rest of Evil's influence, just as he was defeated. However, this left her so drained, that she was taken by Alexis to search for Bellona before she could learn of her husbands reappearance. The two Goddesses found Bellona on a peaceful planet, and the two of them left for yet another adventure.

    After the dust settled, Minity's advanced telepathy allowed her to notice that a chunk of her memories were missing, so she and Bellona took her angels to the lost planet of the Fates. These three beings, who are capable of over-powering nearly anything in the cosmos, are responsible for recording all information in the universe. Although most likely a result of the Weird Sisters odd sense of mercy, Minity was granted the information that her husband had passed away some time ago and that she had given birth to twins, although she was still not given the news of Mattson's recent return. It was also revealed that Night had kept her children in her absence, although Minity and Bellona had to nearly devastate the Matrix Quadrant again in order to defeat Night and reclaim the twins. After her success, the Sun Goddess tied up one more loose end by by mercilessly killing the rogue General, Angela, whose betrayal could be technically have been the cause of many of the recent hardships in Minity's life. Minity then allowed the Nature Goddess, Tienna, who had been captured by Angela, to remain with her in exile so that she could train her children for the destruction that her death would inevitably cause.

    Minitys Army of Arch-Angels
    (Can be refered to as the "Flock", Army of Angels, Angelic Army, etc...)

    Minity eventually wanted to give up much of her destructive solar power as it tended to corrupt her personality, and, in her own opinion, drove the Sun Goddess to do inhumane things. So on her last cleansing journey, she found a race that was doomed to extinction. This was a race of beautiful Angelic like creatures that already worshiped Minity herself, but they were notorious for their constant war-like behavior. So instead of bringing them an early extinction, she took all one million of them and bound their souls to her essence. After individually placing each one of their souls into one million indestructible crystals, Minity charged each jewel with a portion of her power. The crystals now reside in the body of each one of her Angels and cannot be destroyed. This allows them to be reincarnated after they die in war, although the manner in which this occurs does not always have to be the same.

    The Army is the perfect communist community. They place the needs of the army before all else, including Minity herself at times. If one angel is able to do something, all of them are able to do it as well. They will only enter battle if instructed to do so by Minity herself and the general named Shiva. If anyone else tells them to enter battle or do anything that they do not feel comfortable with at the time, they must vote on whether or not to do so, and unless all one million of them unanimously vote yes...they will not engage in the action. Because of this all of them are mentally connected with each other and voting happens in a matter of seconds since they all tend to think the same way.

    Most of the Angels are scattered through out the universe working as priests or priestesses for Minity, performing her duty to "cleanse" the universe, or simply taking "vacations". However, there are always about 200 angels who must be near Minity at all times to guard her, for the army knows that if she dies, so too will they.

    Only four angels are allowed to think for themselves as individuals instead of the whole community...these Angels are not truly part of the army and are said to have "fallen from the flock" and most of their brethren understand that while they maybe privileged in the eyes of their Goddess, it is also a heavy curse they must bear alone. These four beings are Minitys generals. They hold great power as individuals while the army holds great power only in large numbers, all of them may be considerably weaker than an average god, but they are not to be underestimated.

    The Generals:

    Shiva the Den Mother:

    This female angel first fell from the flock when she sprouted an extra set of wings and arms. She is considered to be the matriarch of the Angels because she must be able to take care of all of them at once. She is the only other being besides Minity who may command the angels. She is the most powerful general and is capable of mass destruction, however she prefers to use her power to heal. She is also extremely wise and knowledgeable, but will often not assist other beings in gaining any of her knowledge. She is prideful, but not arrogant and wants nothing more than to help those closest to her. She has often helped with leading souls to paradise in the underworld, but lately refuses to leave Solaris as she feels fully responsible for the welfare of the children of the Sun Goddess until they are several centuries old. However, it should be noted that she does continue to tend to many of Minity's duties on Elysia without the knowledge or permission of the Sun Goddess, however, because of her high rank and power, other Gods rarely question her.

    Iris the Historian:

    The second female to fall from the flock, Iris is far from the strongest of the generals, but she still diligently serves as Minitys secretary. Her mind is closed to all but Minity for her secrets are for her goddess alone. She is also the only general who is allowed to enter the great mind link of the Angels when they vote, although she is not allowed to vote in the process, she does record the result. While she is not strong in her own right, her complete access to any fighting styles or magical spells that she has recorded make her a formidable opponent. Minity values her information greatly so she has given Iris the ancient Talisman that will allow her to hide from almost any being in the cosmos, including Minity herself. Minity did this because she believes knowledge is the most dangerous weapon, and she greatly wanted to protect one of her greast allies from the manipulations of others. Also Iris is the only General to constantly follow Minity nearly any where in the universe without being asked to do so. Because of her abundance of information, and extreme loyalty to Minity, Iris was instrumental in helping Minity to recover her lost memories. She is also rumored to be romantically linked with Enkil, although she will vehemently deny this.

    Enkil the Destroyer:

    The typical alpha male of the flock and the 3rd to fall. He is proficient in all fighting styles, a master of weapons and is physically the strongest member of the Generals. He is also Minity's personal bodyguard and assassin. He is the only General who has been asked by the angels to accompany them during their "cleansing" period because of his ruthlessness in battle, however his most dangerous power might be the pheromones he releases which cause nearly any being of either sex to become strongly attracted to him. This allows him to get closer to his opponents, and thus makes his job to kill them that much easier. He is also the only general who is allowed to enter the Flocks mating season, and while he is promiscuous, he often lusts after his fellow general Iris.

    H'mri the Golden Guardian:

    The Final angel to fall from the flock, H'mri is a very powerful general and perhaps the most feared by the army. He is the only general that Minity asked to perform the task of leading Souls to the Underworld, so she has given him Altwaals Rod of Office to augment his power, as well as guide him in this difficult task. H'mri is well aware of Minitys attraction to Hades, and due to his connection to her, he feels the attraction as well. Minity considers him one of her most trusted warriors simply because he knows the burden she felt while performing this task. After the birth of Minitys third child, she asked H'mri to undergo a magical alteration, which would give him one of his wings back, while granting him even further power. Although he readily accepted the task, this was only done so that Minity could have a competent guardian for her dark daughter. H'mri takes his position very seriously and is often over protective. He is extremely short and to the point with most others besides Minity and her children, although he often pampers Ina when given the opportunity.

    Stitch the Pet:

    The 5th general was never a member of the angels. He is in fact the last of his kind. His race has no name, but he is blue, furry, cute, cuddly, but also very dangerous. He does not have much offensive power, although he can only be harmed by magic. However, Minity has enhanced his defenses so much that this is now a nearly impossible task. When he is unleashed upon a world, he causes much chaos and destruction, but makes it appear as if it was a natural occurrence. Minity often sends him to do work that she does not wish to be traced back to her, or her army. He often sleeps at the foot of Minity's bed and has become very protective of the twins and Ina who treat him like a member of the family.

    Interesting Facts:
    1) Minity is proficient in hand to hand combat, and while she generally chooses to fight from afar, very few can best her up close and personal.

    2) Minity originally came to Elysia to escape her duties of cleansing the universe. However, some of her memories were altered in some way as she had forgotten about her past with her father and sisters, the Goddesses of War and Peace. While she eventually regained some of these memories, she still does not recall where her father currently is.

    3) While most of her deity think Minity is promiscuous, she has actually slept with very few men for she will not give herself to anyone who is not worthy, and because of her haughty attitude, the number is actually quite low.

    4) While the Generals Iris and Enkil do not have wings, they can still fly and often emit strands of glowing light from their back when they do so.
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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    The Bell Tolls One and Company

    The Bell Tolls One and Company

    Q & Q characters table

    1}Jacen Bell
    3}Lady Annabell Chronicler
    5}Jade Lilly
    8}Mortin Steel
    9}Detective Jesse Reese (Gotham City)DC
    10}Lady Rosel
    11}Xesil *Slater* Kash
    12}Magnus M. Black

    RPZ Characters



    Posted under The Bell Tolls One

    1}Eiji Shinjo (Formerly known as the Justice League Embassy)DC
    2}David Cain (Gotham City)DC
    4}The Joker (Gotham City)DC
    5}Takayuki Yamano (Tokimeki Inn)Cross Gen
    6}Gabon (Formerly known as the Justice League Embassy)DC
    7}Sailor Jupiter
    8}Sailor Mercury
    13}Water Lilly
    14}The Ice King
    15}The Minotaur
    16}The Slurpee Dude
    17}The Man in Black
    18}Goranice The Viking (The Ultimate Unknown Utopia)Cross Gen
    19}Windel (The Ultimate Unknown Utopia)Cross Gen
    20}Mesoh Nusitu (Arabian nights)Adv
    21}Kone (Arabian nights)Adv
    22}Peg Leg ( Tigre the Moon of Planet Tigers)Cross Gen
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    Re: The Bell Tolls One and Company

    Re: The Bell Tolls One and Company

    Name:Jacen Bell (Souless)
    Spices:Human Ghost
    Hair:A Long white Ghost Hair
    Eyes:light Grey
    Appearance:Souless has a transparent grey cloak on,His hair belows out the sides of the hood of his cloak,He looks just like Jacen Bell but he's dead,transparent and Light grey colored.
    Bio:Souless is the creation of having two near perfect copys of the same person,Souless can float in the air but he prefers to walk like Mortals and Gods.Souless does not know he's a ghost or that he's there are other "Versions" like him.Souless wanders the Bright universe He hides from those who wish to take him away(Optimus) because he doesn't know way they wish to take him away.
    He who walks,but doesn't know the truth..... [nbsp:18hui4uy] [nbsp:18hui4uy] or does He?
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    Blog Entries

    Katrina (Kat) Arnasis (KA9)

    Genetically Engineered Assassin
    Empress of Eden

    Race: Powered Human
    Sex: Female
    Age: Appears 21
    Height: 5'8" (1.72m)
    Hair: Long Auburn
    Eyes: Green

    Kat is a young woman, appearing to be 21 years of age, even though she doesn't know exactly old she is. Her natural hair color is auburn, and she typically keeps it long, slightly past the center of her back. Her natural eye color is a deep forest green color. Her appearance, though, can alter, depending on her mood or desire. She is able to alter every aspect of her appearance: her age; her hair, skin and eye color; the length of her hair; her weight (up to 50 pounds either way); her height (up to 3 inches either way); and even her apparent gender (appearance only). While she has this ability, she generally prefers to keep her natural appearance. Despite this ability, there is one feature that she can never change, and that is the black tattoo "KA9" on her right wrist, just below the palm of her hand.

    Kat was genetically engineered to be an assassin capable of killing First with her bare hands. For this reason, she was given several abilities to help her achieve her goals. These abilities do not draw upon Universal Energies, making her more difficult to discern from a normal human.

    Chameleon - She is able to alter her appearance, as mentioned previously, to fit into her surroundings. With her grey jumpsuit, she can even change her clothing to fit her appearance.

    Voice Alteration - She is able to alter her voice several octaves to match the appearance she has chosen.

    Telepathy - She has minor telepathic abilities, which are more for scanning surface thoughts with communication possible. It is mostly used to gather enough information to help her blend into her surroundings. She can also detect other telepaths so that she can mask her telepathic abilities from them.

    Enhanced Senses - Her senses have been hightened to supernatural levels. With little concentration, her senses can allow her to sense (see, hear, smell) things that are miles away as if she were there. Her enchanced hearing will also allow her to hear conversations through walls as if she were standing in the room. In addition, she is able to see in almost complete darkness. As long as there is a trace amount of light, she would be able to see as if it were dusk or even full daylight (depending on how much light is available to her).

    Rapid Healing - Her natural healing far exceeds that of normal humans, even to the point of regenerating lost limbs and other body parts, over time.

    Enhanced Strength and Reflexes - Her strength and reflexes are that of the First. Since she was engineered to be an assassin of the First, her strength and reflexes were engineered to fit that purpose.

    More recently, through an unusual interaction with the light, shadow and reality eggs, she had gained additional powers. She hasn't yet discovered the full extent of these new powers yet.

    Shapeshifting - Unlike her chameleon abilities, this power allows her to completely alter her appearance as long as it is roughly within the same parameters as her chameleon ability (ie she can't shrink or grow too much). She doesn't gain new abilities with the shapeshifting, as this is cosmetic only. It is possible, though, that the physical aspects grant her additional abilities (such as wings for flight, or blade like hands). Her jumpsuit is also now a part of her, which allows her to alter her clothing to match, or completely make the clothes disappear (depending on the nature of the shapeshifting required). She even has the ability to strengthen her skin to that of near diamond-like hardness.

    Angelic Form - By using the powers of shadow and light that are now a part of her, she is able to alter her physical substance, turning her matter from solid to an ethereal light and shadow combination. The amount of light and shadow, and its appearance, can vary depending on her desire. While in this form, she is impervious to physical harm, as any physical attack would simply pass through her (as she is literally just light and shadow).

    Despite the genetic engineering Kat has undergone for an undetermined amount of time, Kat rejects her training. She hates killing, and does everything she can to avoid it. It isn't always possible, she realizes, and when necessary, will use many of the powers at her disposal to accomplish her task.

    Kat has an air of innocence around her, despite what she's been through. She is far from niave, but still strives toward purity in her life. She strives to be fair and just in all her dealings, even in the face of insurmountable odds. She knows she isn't universally accepted as Empress of Eden, a title she didn't seek for herself, but she still strives to treat all her subjects equally and fairly.

    Kat loves and respects Millennium and Honor's Angel, the First who took her in when she arrived on Eden, scared and without memories. Part of her desire is to please them and do good by them. In many ways, she almost looks at them as parents.

    Kat's relationship with Zameal is confusing for her. She has feelings for him that she doesn't fully understand. Despite the wall he appears to put around himself, she still finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. She values his advice greatly, and more importantly, she values his prensence. When he is near, she feels more at ease, more secure.

    Despite Kat's pure nature, there is a beast inside her mind, a beast born of the genetic engineering and training. It is a beast that Kat is forced to tap into when fighting incredible battles, such as that in Eden's Core. This beast is pure instinct and malice. It is an intelligent force bred for killing. Even in the heat of battle, Kat is able to keep the beast in check, and only tap into it when absolutely necessary. If her mind, though, is distracted or hampered in any way, the beast could exert control and unleash its powerful bloodlust, fully utilizing every ability Kat has to accomplish its purpose. If this happens, as soon as Kat's mind is no longer distracted or hampered, it will always force the beast back, as her mind of purity is much stronger than that of the beast's bloodlust.

    The full details of Kat's background are lost in mystery, known only to the Grey Lady, Queen Liadan of the Grey Moon. What Kat does know is that she, her brother, and her parents were on a trip when they were in an accident of some kind. She assumes her parents died in the crash. After that, she and her brother, Kevin, were captured by agents of Queen Liadan.

    After their capture began a long period of tests, experiments, surgeries, training, and brainwashing. She and Kevin were being changed, forced to become machines of killing First. Eventually, she found the strength to escape. She doesn't fully remember the escape as her beast had taken control for a time, all she knows is that she escaped.

    Soon after her escape, she awoke on Eden, underneath a great oak tree, with no memory of her time or training on the Grey Moon. Wandering from the tree, she soon met Ellysand at a celebration for their new Empress, Honor's Angel. Kat was introduced to the new Queen and her husband, the regal Millennium, and she was immediately awestruck by them. The two gods took her into their home and gave her a place to stay, accepting her into their lives unconditionally. She was even allowed access to the Hall of Destiny to meet the former Empresses of Eden, which was an event beyond description for her.

    If the world was a perfect world, Kat would have wished for a happily ever after at that point. Alas, that was not to be the case. Millennium had to leave on the business of the gods and even Honor's Angel had business off Eden to attend to. Kat, with their dragon, Maul, were left in charge of their twin daughters, Danae and Pixie.

    Not long after they had left, one of the former Empress, Ryvius, appeared to Kat, asking her to find some eggs of power to keep them from falling into evil hands. Thus began a quest, not only of finding the eggs, but keeping the children safe as well. The quest was not an easy one, and it was on the quest that she had met and started to get to know Zameal. The end of the quest wasn't a happy ending, either. A battle in the region known as the "Grey Area," a battle which saw Maul become possessed by the power of the Grey Egg, and turn against them. The end of the battle, while successful, saw the loss of both Maul and Zameal's friend, Meekar. Kat even lost something as she regained many of the memories that she had lost.

    Both Honor's Angel and Millennium had returned to Eden for this final battle, and things appeared to have deteriorated with them. Honor's Angel gave up her title as Empress, took her children, and left Eden and Millennium also vowed not to return to Eden until he had regained his family. Just before the end of the battle, Kat was forced into taking the title of Empress for herself, in order to defeat the Allulei who threatened Eden's safety. Despite not asking the title for herself, after the battle, she officially became Eden's newest Empress, and Zameal became the newest Protector of Eden.

    Time passed, and Kat struggled with the weight of her new crown. She missed Millennium and Honor's Angel. She was thankful, though, that Zameal always seemed nearby. He always was on hand with helpful tips and advice, and his presence always comforted her as she faced difficult decisions.

    This period of peace, though, was short lived. Queen Liadan had taken the opportunity to attack Eden. On top of that, it seemed like Eden itself began rebelling, apparently in danger of destroying itself. That fact soon became apparent when Millennium returned claiming that aspects of himself were inside Eden's Core, but instead of keeping the planet safe, they were fighting each other, causing the upheavals in Eden.

    When they arrived in the Core, Zameal had used the powers of the shadow, light and reality eggs to give her wings to fly. This somehow caused an unusual reaction within Kat's body, changing her from the inside out. Kat doesn't yet fully realize the extent of her new powers, but can feel the power coursing through her body.

    Currently, Kat is still fighting battles within Eden's Core.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Kevin Arnasis (KA5)

    Genetically Engineered Assassin

    Race: Powered Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: Appears 25
    Height: 5'11" (1.8m)
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Green

    Kevin appears to be 25 years of age, even though he doesn't know exactly old he is. His natural hair color is a light brown color and his natural eye color is a deep forest green color. His appearance, though, can alter, depending on his mission. He is able to alter every aspect of his appearance: his age; his hair, skin and eye color; the length of his hair; his weight (up to 50 pounds either way); his height (up to 3 inches either way); and even his apparent gender (appearance only). Despite this ability, there is one feature that he can never change, and that is the black tattoo "KA5" on his right wrist, just below the palm of his hand.

    KA5 was genetically engineered to be an assassin capable of killing First with his bare hands. For this reason, he was given several abilities to help him achieve his goals. These abilities do not draw upon Universal Energies, making him more difficult to discern from a normal human.

    Chameleon - He is able to alter his appearance, as mentioned previously, to fit into his surroundings. With his grey jumpsuit, he can even change his clothing to fit his appearance.

    Voice Alteration - He is able to alter his voice several octaves to match the appearance he has chosen.

    Telepathy - He has minor telepathic abilities, which are more for scanning surface thoughts with communication possible. It is mostly used to gather enough information to help him blend into his surroundings. He can also detect other telepaths so that he can mask his telepathic abilities from them.

    Enhanced Senses - His senses have been hightened to supernatural levels. With little concentration, his senses can allow him to sense (see, hear, smell) things that are miles away as if he were there. His enchanced hearing will also allow him to hear conversations through walls as if he were standing in the room. In addition, he is able to see in almost complete darkness. As long as there is a trace amount of light, he would be able to see as if it were dusk or even full daylight (depending on how much light is available to him).

    Rapid Healing - His natural healing far exceeds that of normal humans, even to the point of regenerating lost limbs and other body parts, over time.

    Enhanced Strength and Reflexes - His strength and reflexes are that of the First. Since he was engineered to be an assassin of the First, his strength and reflexes were engineered to fit that purpose.

    KA5 is an assassin, completely loyal to the Grey Lady, Queen Liadan. He is cold and impartial, and very mission oriented. He will do what is necessary to accomplish is task, without giving himself away. He avoids unecessary killing, as in killing outside of his intended target, but does not shy away from it.

    The full details of Kevin's background are lost in mystery, known only to the Grey Lady, Queen Liadan of the Grey Moon. All he knows of his background is his training, and that is all that matters to him.

    He is currently on Eden trying to find the defective assassin, KA9. The assassin who calls herself "Kat" and has taken up the mantle of Empress of Eden, an insult to the Grey Lady. His first encounter with KA9 revealed that she believed they were brother and sister, a matter which didn't matter to KA5. His only concern was to bring her back, which he failed to do. After that failed meeting, the Queen sent him back to Eden to kill her.

    KA5 is now trying to find KA9 and kill her, according to the Queen's commands. His path, though, has been hindered by the reappearance of what appears to be a Queen he had previously assassinated, who insists on remaining by his side. In addition, Eden seems to be spiriling quickly towards destruction, which makes the path even more difficult for him. He knows that failure will lead to his death, so he will either complete his task and kill KA9, or he will die on Eden. For him, there is no other option.
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    SF & OP

    SF & OP

    Index of Characters

    Main Characters

    [gotopost=6809:25d3e80v]Cole Tiger[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=18247:25d3e80v]Derrek Tiger[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6808:25d3e80v]Optimus Prime[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6810:25d3e80v]Professor Crane[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=12459:25d3e80v]Professor Trena[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6761:25d3e80v]Sojourn Fan[/gotopost:25d3e80v]

    Other Characters

    [gotopost=6812:25d3e80v]Corey's Inactive Characters[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6811:25d3e80v]Corey's Minor Characters[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6765:25d3e80v]Jenny's Inactive Characters[/gotopost:25d3e80v]
    [gotopost=6764:25d3e80v]Jenny's Minor Characters[/gotopost:25d3e80v]

    [gotopost=17849:25d3e80v]Ophelia Awards[/gotopost:25d3e80v]

    Sojourn Fan

    Name: Sojourn Fan
    Nickname: SF
    Title: Archer Goddess, Former Council of Education, Former Co-Council of Youth with Optimus Prime
    Status: First
    House: Always Dexter, even if Artemis tried to be Sinister
    Sex: Female
    Age: Unknown, she looks like she is in her early 20's
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'5
    Look: Pic
    Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation. She was able to communicate with Forge (tiger) and Edge (mountain lion). On rare occasions she could blow things and show a close family member lost memories, but these powers rarely showed themselves. Plus she was irresistible like her Mom.
    Weapons: Bow and Arrows and sometimes guns and swords.
    Personality: Smart and a strong fighter, she never backed down from a challenge or a battle. She is a loving person who would do anything to protect her family and friends. Her wrath is something few want to face. In a battle she didn't always think ahead and instead attacked on her reckless courage. She is a loyal person to those she cares about and always tries to do what she believe is right.
    Love Interest (Husband): Optimus Prime
    Family: Mother-Facade, Father-Quin, Adopted Father-Lord Mattson, Son-Rescue, Daughter-Honor's Angel, Adopted Son-Penny, Daughter-Raine, Son-in-laws-Millennium and Cole Tiger, Granddaughters-Danae, Pixie, Serena, Grandson-J'Khari, Theo, Brother-Ace, Adopted Brothers-NoCal in SoCal and Night.

    Given the fact she by blood and adoption came from very large families, she is some how or another related to many other Firsts. For more family members check out the family tree.

    History: Sojourn Fan was adopted from Nana Sil's Orphange by Lord Mattson who raised her. When the Battle of Anubis took place, SF accidently got involved. There she was reunited her love Optimus Prime who appeared in the battle. She had met him because of Meteoro taking her to Elysia's future. SF found about her parents and Optimus and SF fell in love and had Rescue (Reiss) and Honor's Angel out of wedlock. OP had to endure the trials step up by SF's family to prove his love for her. He passed and they were married at Lord Mattson's Keep. The wedding reception was attacked by the Boss and Negation. The Boss was an old hateful enemy of OP future. However, he was defeated a few times and eventually his soul was trapped. SF took part in many battles in her younger days with her husband. She was often called "reckless" because she did not think much of her own safety. In the battle with MoC, SF was injured and miscarried their daughter Raine. The pain of losing Raine allowed her to be tricked into helping Celeste (Hera) in the battle of the Titans vs Olypmians which almost caused the Saber Vortex to be destroyed between the battle and Anubis' attack on the world. Trying to find some peace SF and OP had went to another world that was given to them as a wedding present, but a former friend of OP kidnapped to kill him and SF went with Mil to get him back. It was then when she started to respect Mil who was courting Angel. The wife of Boss, Ambrosia, wanted to revive her husband and tried to break the couple apart. She was unsucessful and the spell she was going to use to bring back her husband was instead used to bring back Raine. Penny was also adopted by SF and OP and the cats loved him. SF and OP grew tired of fighting and decided to focus on the Saber Vortex (which was restored by allies SF made when she was getting her husband back). They also established the Dexter School of Training which later merged with the Sinister School. When Negation attacked the First, SF and OP transfered their powers into a sword and gave it to Mil and LM. It was destroyed and they were powerless for a long time. BigGator tried to cause a war with the Saber Vortex by having servants try to kill SF, but a war was avoided thanks to Angel and Scion the Nun. SF was healed by Angel after she went into a coma. Dark clones with their powers came to the Saber Vortex to kill SF and OP. They were killed by SF but Optimus died in the process. SF did not know how to let go or live without her beloved. She was also in possession of both their former powers. Scorpio came and offered "help" but he was servent of a dark lord. He was killed by SF when he tried to kill Raine. Sojourn Fan died casting Ultima to save her child. She was reunited with her love and although dead is happy. For a while she was content being dead and watching her family from afar. She was with Optimus and through Raine she could still keep in contact with her family. That was until the spell was casted on the Wall. Even though she was dead it affected her and OP as well. Deciding they were no longer content being dead with the universe so full of disorder, they sought out Mil and Angel. Mil through his connection to his father was able to bring them back to the land of the living with new bodies. After being sidetracked torturing Pixie's would be boyfriend, she with her family is determined to restore the proper order to the universe and punish Raine and Cole (who are no affected by the spell) for things that displeased the rest of the family. Although still under the spell on the Wall of the First, SF and her husband actually helped their daughter repair what was wrong with it. They were trying to punish Raine and Cole and ended up in a fight with Qwaring who was turned into a lawbrigner and preventing Raine and Baron Banter from repairing the Wall. Once they were sure it was okay, SF and OP headed to the MQ to make sure the Saber Vortex wasn't going to be attacked. After the universe was saved, they attended the Council meeting and agreed Egidion should hold a seat.

    Once things returned normal for Prime Family, SF and OP decided it was time for Cole's trials. Once Cole passed them, they allowed the couple to be married at their palace. Since Cole proved his worth to them, he became a welcome member of the Prime Family. SF spent the rest of her days with her husband. Ruling over the Saber Vortex and also helping teach classes at the Dexter School they founded. She, of course, spoiled all her grandchildren rotten and help test any future suitors to her granddaughters.
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