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    Qwathings characters:
    Castellon Casque
    Crew of the Azure Sunder (list)
    Disne-stralia Blue Clones (list)
    Dr. 1-9-1
    Fetch (Bio)
    General Bogure
    General Greene
    George Cloney's Shirt
    Jonah Bevney
    Lawbringer KNZT
    Lawbringer LASSIE
    Lawbringer PAN'X
    Lawbringer QLNZ
    Lawbringer VNTI (Bio)
    Losys clan (list)
    MZKR Twins
    Nyveda Sanger
    Qwaring's clone#2
    Sage of Cruor
    Suarian Lawyer
    Wynda Lynn
    Zombie Colonel Sanders

    Characters with their own accounts:
    Adam Hiedraa (Bio)
    Egidion (Bio)
    Qwaring (Bio)
    Qwaring's clone#1 (Bio)
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Crew of the Azure Sunder:

    Total crew members: At the begining of the mission- 80
    Current number- 65 (They have suffered 4 casualties from their battle with the Protectorate, 10 from their journey through the Realm of Nightmares and 1 has died since their return from the realm.)

    Crew Bio's:
    * Commander Belfsaph
    Duty: Second in command ; Gender: Female ; Description: Belfsaph is of average height and has a muscular build. She has dark, curly shoulder length hair. She has a broad scar on the left side of her face. The scar is a trophy from the Lunaris war that she fought in early on in her career. ; Personality: Belfsaph is a willful officer that can pull together the crew together nearly as well as Adam’s telepathic link. She is focused and orderly, which she utilizes in organizing the crew and following out orders.
    * Lieutenant-commander Makyn
    Duty: Third in command and primary tactical officer ; Gender: Male ; Description: a mountainous man that stands taller than most of the others on the ship. His dark bronze colored hair is short and spikey. ; Personality: Despite his large stature Makyn is quiet and reserved. He’s able to keep a cool head and will only exert any control over the other crew only when necessary. He is able to take charge when needed and will often do things “by the book". In combat situations he shows a great deal of patients and is willing to calmly pick and choose his targets while others might fall into a wasteful shooting frenzy.
    * Dr. Masluw
    Duty: Chief physician ; Gender: Male ; Description: A middle-aged, balding man. What hair he has left is a light coppery color. His face is long and thin with the slight presence of soft wrinkles. ; Personality: Masluw is a dedicated person. He has been known to keep working to save a patient, even at the risk to his health. Off duty he tends to be laid back and can often be found entertaining younger crewmembers with stories of his time in the Lunaris medical corps.
    * Lieutenant-junior-grade Dalvel
    Duty: Holo-systems technician ; Gender: Female ; Description: Dalve has long golden hair that she usually keeps in a tight braid. Her body is lean and athletic. Her youthful features often get her mistaken for a younger officer. ; Personality: Not quite a wide eyed recruit but no where near the hardened officer she wishes to be. Dalve has little experience in combat and space travel, but has an incredible grasp of holographic technology that makes her a key member of the engineering staff.
    * Ensign Paerche
    Duty: Communications officer; Gender: Female ; Description: A slender woman with long, wavy locks of dark copper colored hair. ; Personality: Paerche is a natural listener. She is quiet and can easily absorb information. But she can speak for hours at a time when needed and can make a quick analysis of any given situation.
    * Ensign Athawaih
    Duty: Internal security agent; Gender: Male ; Description: Athawaih has slicked back light colored bronze hair. His rounded face is covered in a short trimmed beard. He’s short but has a very muscular body. ; Personality: Athawaih is a loyal and dedicated officer. He’ll follow his orders to the letter, but independently he is a wild card. He takes risks without much thought and is more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Off duty he tends to be loud mouthed and will often speak without thinking.
    * Ensign Ysath
    Duty: Teleporter technician and unofficial tour guide ; Gender: Female ; Description: Ysath has a rounded face with short bronze colored hair. She is slightly shorter than average height and has an athletic build. ; Personality: Ysath is a curious and outgoing person. She enjoys meeting the various alien visitors that come to the Azure Sunder and as a teleporter technician and operator she is often one of the first people to greet them. Although this curiosity has made her the ship’s source of gossip, a role that she often denies having.
    * Ensign Conziethe
    Duty: Teleporter technician ; Gender: Male ; Description: Conzeithe is bald headed with a squared face. He has a tall and somewhat lanky frame. His slender body hides a suprising amount of strength. His eyes are a cold silver color. ; Personality: Conziethe is a technical genius and doesn’t mind telling everyone all about it. He is also a dedicated and clean-cut officer that will follow the rules whenever possible. His superior attitude and affinity for the rules has made him not well like among the rest of the crew.
    * Dr. Nanusse
    Duty: Mission specialist ; Gender: Female ; Description: A red eyed woman with lean muscles and graceful movements. She has dark, short hair that frames her oval face. ; Personality: Nanusse is a free spirit that is full of life. Other than Adam she has had the most experience with the First and seems to have had some of their bold confidence and certainty rub off on her. Her natural patience and wisdom tempers this confidence to controlable levels.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    The Blue Clones of Disne-stralia:[img=right]http://qwaring.com/bluecloneav.jpg[/img]

    #3: a doctor, or so he claims, but even he won't claim to be a very good doctor.
    #7: a trucker, or at least he knows some CB slang and has access to an interplanetary communication system.
    #22: dead
    #35: LIGIS bearer and imprisoned on Disne-stralia in an imaginary prison cell that is five feet around him at all times.
    #53: SIGIL bearer and imprisoned in an actual prison on Q'Guer
    #54: seared by the Seer, but put some cream on it and is feeling much better, thank you for asking.
    #66: Captain Blue-Face, a pirate.
    #72: formerly a citizen of Vermington, then a sidekick to the Sinister Duck (aka Meteoro) and finally turned into a supervillain after his face was burned by hot chili (which is the exact same thing that happened to Jason Todd, I think)
    #92: dead
    #100: the leader, also the honorary Mayor McCheese.
    The rest: citizens of Disne-stralia.
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    Jas's Faces

    Jas's Faces

    Sir Kalen Lycoth

    Race: Human (Warrior/Knight/Mage)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'0" (1.83m)
    Hair: Short Blonde
    Eyes: Green

    Kalen is a 30-year old Knight from a technologically advanced world that still has a rigid caste system. His hair is blonde and kept cut short, and he is clean shaven. He often wears energy armor, which resembles old plate armor, but is much lighter and more powerful.

    Kalen is a knight, and serves his kingdom with honor. Honor and duty are important to him, but he is still always aware of the loophole. If he gives his word, he'll never break it, but he might work "around" it, if there is a way to do so. He will always look for things that can benefit him, so that he can gain greater power and respect within his kingdom. He will even manipulate people and events to move things forward for him, if necessary.

    Kalen has a high intelligence, and superior hand-eye coordination. He also studied the magical arts. His studies have been in the areas of enchantments. Spells he can use are:
    Levitation, Fly (can be used on himself only), Shield, Sleep, Awaken, Hold (forces target to stop, frozen in their tracks), See Magic (allows him to see enchantments, and magical regions/items), Dispel Magic (allows him to stop enchantments), and Linguistics (allows him to speak to, understand, and read other languages).
    Since being empowered by the Well of power, he has gained additional powers that enhance his existing skills. His hand-eye coordination is now beyond human and he excels in his weapon skills. In addition, his spells are now innate powers that can be used to a greater effect.

    Energy Armor - This armor resembles plate mail armor, but is much lighter. When powered up, though, it emits a low level energy shield that repels physical and electrical attacks.

    Energy Pistol - Fires a sustained energy blast that can stun or kill a target. (Think of phasers on Star Trek)

    Energy Sword - Appears to be a standard long-sword. When powered up, the blade is covered with electricity which delivers additional damage to the target.

    Energy Grenades - These grenades, when thrown, explode with a blast of energy that can level anything in a 50-yard radius.

    Wrist Computer - A small computer that he wears strapped to his left wrist. It is protected from physical damage by a low level energy shield that surrounds it at all times. It is connected to the database on his ship, which he can access as long as he is within 500 miles of his ship. When he is farther than that, its abilities are more limited to data entry, GPS, and homing in on tracking devices.

    Spatial Backpack - Appears like an ordinary hiking backpack, but it can carry twice the amount of volume inside than would appear, and adds no weight to the person wearing it.

    First Aid Kit - This is a standard First Aid Kit with some additional higher-tech healing devices that can be used to help set bones and close wounds.

    Various other "traveling supplies" are in his backpack as well.

    Kalen was born Kalen Tanner on a world that still had a rigid caste system. There were the monarchs, the nobles, and the peasants. Rarely did the peasants enter into noble positions. And never did the two castes interact with each other, except in terms of peasants being servants to nobles.

    Kalen was born to a peasant family. His father was a tanner. It was generally assumed that Kalen would follow in his father's footsteps, which was the tradition. Kalen, though, wanted more out of life. When he was eight, his parents had died in an automotive accident on the way to the movies. He and his younger sister, Kerona, were forced to live with friends of the family. When he was twelve, he met a mage, and he knew that he had found a way to achieve his dreams. He managed to convince the mage to take him from his guardians and teach him the ways of magic.

    Kalen studies under the mage for six years, until the mage died. Now at 18, he became the sole inheritor of the mage's estate. Kalen suddenly found himself as a noble, with all the rights and privileges that offered him.

    Soon after the funeral for the mage, Kalen met a knight and soon found another opportunity to advance his skills. The knight was initially reluctant to take a squire that was as old as Kalen was, yet Kalen proved to be a good study, and learned quickly. By the age of 21, Kalen became a full-fledged knight.

    He continued to develop his skills in fighting. His skill surpassed many, and his intelligence made him a brilliant tactician. Combined with his minor magical spells, he became invaluable to his king and kingdom. So, when the call came to look for the missing people who went off in search of the mythical well of power, he jumped at the chance. He knew that succeeding in the quest would put him in even higher favor with his king and that if he could gain the power for himself, he would be the most powerful man in the world.

    Kalen's quest took him to Kobalty, where he met Isianu, the werewolf wizardess; Clonathan, the niave clone; and Lamiais, the selfseeking evil vampire. This was the world of the mythical well of power. Being forced to work together with the three others, and growing closer, emotionally, to Isianu in the process, they went on the quest of the well and overcame all obstacles in their path. At the end, they discovered it was all just a trick by a creature of incredible power that lived inside the well. A trick that almost cost them their lives. Then, when Lamiais defeated the well creature, and gained its power for itself, it looked like it would be the end for the entire world. Instead, Lamiais was defeated by a kiss from a king, and the power was released from Lamiais and empowered Isianu, Clonthan and him.

    With the quest complete, Kalen and Isianu left Kobalty on Isianu's ship. Their first stop was Isianu's homeworld of Kelesar, where they met the young sigil-bearer, Dagda. From there, the three of them returned to Kalen's homeworld of Aerysh, only to find his home kingdom of Authorn overrun by unknown forces weilding the forbidden magic of Aerik. Once again, he was needed as a hero to his people, and he hoped, with his new powers, and the powers of his friends, he could triumph once again.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    For now, I'll be just copying my clone list from the old forum. I will be updating it later and, down the road, I'll start typing their bios (if ever ).

    I will be taking the non-CG characters off the list sometime later, too.

    1. Active characters:
    2. Amazing (Titans Island)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    3. Broken Eve & Eve "Variations" (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    4. Galder Blue Angel (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    5. Meteorette (Neo Kat’e’dral)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    6. Meteoro (The Island of Bora Bora)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    7. Neo Avatarati (Neo Haven / The Future: The Matrix Quadrant)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    8. Sadeh (Pyramidas)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    9. Saswolf (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    10. Sinister Duck (QC#1's Quest for Himself)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    11. Sparrow (Teen Titans Island)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    12. Suicide Squad's Werewolf / Leonius (Planet M)

      Active characters under the M account:

      Semi-active characters:[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    13. Deanley Blue (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    14. Demether (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    15. Fionne (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    16. Sys (The Future: Wrong Turns and Frightening Destinations)

      Inactive characters:[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    17. Anubis / Baby Anubis / Mekhu (Legends of the Pyramids)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    18. Augur'ia (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    19. Black Cherry (Kelesar)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    20. Chaos (Olympia)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    21. Claundia (Ultimate Utopia)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    22. Clonathan III (Kobalty)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    23. Dan Deamon (Dead!) (Scion the Moon)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    24. Darkseid (Apokolips)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    25. Eva Angelyst (Planet Q'guer)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    26. Feabie (Empty Space)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    27. Golden M (In a rock, under Qwaring’s care)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    28. Guy Gardner (Formerly Known as the Justice League Embassy)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    29. Little M (The Saber Vortex)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    30. Maude R. Bucks (DC Universe - location to be defined)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    31. Meteor (Formerly Known as the Justice League Embassy)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    32. Penny's Flaming Buttocks[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    33. Planet M[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    34. Professor Maximilian (A Sad Goodbye)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    35. Professor Saundra (Dead!) (Planet Tigers)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    36. Rupert (Secundae Orphanage)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    37. Santa Klaus / Klaus (Kelesar)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    38. Scion the Dalek.1 (Shared with Dave) (Qwaring's Clone #1's New Year Party)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    39. Scion the Nun (Dead!)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    40. Scion the Nun.1 (The Nadesico II)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    41. Suicide Squad (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    42. Tantalus (Dead!) (Realm of Nightmares) [/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    43. The Mute Werewolves (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    44. The Old Man (The Side-Verse)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    45. Typhon (Lost in space)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    46. Vermin (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    47. Wendy, Werewolf Stalker (The Double Wedding at Las Vegas)

      Inactive characters under the M account:[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    48. Devan (Scion the Moon)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    49. Dr. Vladimir Empire (Kelesar)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    50. Experiment V (Dead!) (Kelesar)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    51. General Woof (Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    52. Mother D'ama (Dead!)(Planet M)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    53. Perseus, the Dog (Kamiros)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    54. Professor Scandice (Dead!) (Planet Tigers)[/*:m:2g1rjq78]
    55. The stranger[/*:m:2g1rjq78]

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    Alvin Wiselann the First.

    Alvin Wiselann the First.

    Alvis Wiselann the First.

    Status: Magically powered garden ornament.
    Sex: Male (personality-wise).
    Age: A few months old, but with the personality and looks of a grumpy old man.
    Hair: Golden.
    Eyes: Green (his eyes are two emeralds).
    Height: 2'
    Family: Doesn't apply.
    Love interests: None at the moment.

    Major Abilities: Alvis was created by Estrecca the Wanderer to fulfil the role of magic instructor that the Patryn could no longer carry out. As a result, Alvis is almost as knowledgeable in all matters pertaining to magic as his creator and has a very good grasp of many different forms of magic. He lacks the raw power to match truly powerful entities, but can match their minor feats with enough time and effort. Elemental magic and minor healing are well within his power, although he is loath to use such basic displays of power.

    Minor Abilities: Alvis is made of enchanted gold imbued with unusual properties. Although Alvis likes his standard gnomish appearance, he can manipulate his appearance at will and even melt into liquid to ooze through minuscule cracks. Oddly enough, Alvis can't change his golden hue, no matter what he turns into. As a result, Alvis is fairly hard to destroy. He can be smashed, broken or even molten without lasting harm. The magic that empowers him will see to it.

    Brief History: Alvis was created to be an instructor, but right now he is a pupil-less teacher and he doesn't like it in the slightest. The Wanderer left him in a forest in Planet Tigers months ago, supposing that eventually Laura would return to complete her instruction in magic and find the small golem and the cache of magical texts. Unfortunately, this didn't happen and the gnome is not a happy camper. Teaching magic is the very purpose of his existence and he just can't be idle for months. He was last seen trotting away from Tiergia's forests, a sack full of grimoires bigger than himself in tow.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    ((Just something I may need to help me keep track of various characters I create for Losystus.))

    Known Members of the Losys Clan:

    Aune, goddess of winters, baroness of the northlands (Alistare's mother)
    Hariman, mortal member of nobility, baron of the northlands (Alistare's father) (deceased)
    Alistare, goddess of the planet's ring, princess of the northlands
    Yeva,goddessofthenorthernlights,princessofthenorthlands (Alistare's sister)

    Mavra,goddessofmidnight (Dorjan's mother)
    Dorjan, godling of the wandering mind, exile

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    All your manekochan are belong to us!

    All your manekochan are belong to us!

    All of Maneko (aka Amber)'s characters can be found in this thread. Why not start out with a brand spanking new bio from the lady herself? No?... Dang it... Well, how bout just a brand spanking old bio? What about just a spanking?... I ... have a paddle....

    Bio, take 2! Wait... Take 3! And take that and this! And how bout summa this?!?
    Much too lazy to write a new one, so I think it's cut and paste time! (with a few minor alterations...)

    Name: Maneko Niko
    Storyline : currently just watching and waiting... Occasionally showing up unannounced in the Eden thread or random rp threads. Although, somehow she's insinuated herself into the Eden thread a little more than was planned. But, that's Maneko for you.
    Status: Ne-heh heh. Wouldn't you like to know? (Agent of Chaos)
    Age: That's not polite. (unknown; close to noon of the beginning of time)
    Hair: er... blue-ish greyish kind of sort of. I didn't know this was going to be an interigation. Yeesh.
    Eyes: Magenta
    Appearance: A six foot tall cat-girl, but she can pretty much show up as whatever strikes her fancy or whatever the environment calls on her to be. Has appeared as a 13 tailed grey cat, a woman with long blue-grey hair and fake cat-ears, and a Japanese girl in a cute little cat suit.
    Major Abilities: None, per se. Just the ability to mess stuff up alot especially if it's got nothing to do with me-- I mean her. Her.
    ((the ability to alter luck, create/destroy/alter matter (people included); immortality; whatever strikes her fancy; ))
    Minor Abilities: Making pie. That's always a good thing to fall back on. Ooh. And the ability to always find the place that she's most likely to get into trouble at.
    ((the ability to alter time (limited-- only available through the use of a bag which contains the tail of the agent of time and luck); she wasn't lieing about the pies...; blinking (both with her eyes and the other kind of blinking or side-stepping; the ability to act out of character which she does frequently to talk to her narrator and read other threads that she hasn't been to. Luckily, she's pretty lazy and there is alot of stuff she won't bother to read so the OOC stuff is kept to a minimum.))
    Weapons: ... None per se, yet she has caused a few people to commit suicide.
    ((claws and teeth, though she is loathe to use them; has been known recently to carry a mace))
    Immunity: I haven't had my shots since '83.
    ((immune to the following, barring certain criterion (such criterion being the consumation of dairy, the form of Mizniko, depression, or whether Manekochan simply allows it out of fun or her narrator's whims): viruses, sleep deprevation, sickness, the ravages of time, the manipulation of time, illusions, spells of most kinds, poison))
    (At this point in the interview, Maneko was ousted from the room and her narrator took over.)
    Personality: Described by her "friends" as, "A tenacious cat-girl who will dog you till the day you die," Maneko is exhuberant, fun-loving, and a prankster who is very selfish and relishes annoying others. She is also described as, "Impossibly hard to get rid of..." She tires of things easily and sees no foul in making things more "interesting" when her friends/targets prove to be too resourceful. Although she relishes annoying others she isn't so happy when they dislike her. She is prone to fits of sulking. During any bouts of depression she is easily subdued/captured/tormented/destroyed because she hasn't the will to make light of things. Makenochan in a serious mood is a thing either to be glad of or to be feared. No one has made Maneko seriously angry and lived to speak of it and bad luck follows them into their next incarnation as well. Luckily, Maneko is very light-hearted and hard to anger except in the most extreme of circumstances.
    Family: The strange and short pink haired wierd girl Mizniko who only appears when Maneko is not around. She is said to be her sister and their true relationship is unknown even to the two of them. Also, Maneki Neko, a weird little cat with a short stubby tail who likes to think he can control time and is just a general stick in the mud. May or may not be any relation. He's also an agent of time and luck. The radio kangaroo and her narrator.
    Love Status: Augh! The horrors of unrequieted love... Poor Maneko... She's in love with a wierd creepy goth/spider guy named Kumo who finds her incredibly annoying. This phases her not, however, as she bugs him anyway. Kumo is in love with Mizniko. Maneko, though in love, is very easily taken in by handsome men especially if they have no shirts on and have just been swimming. Her heart ever belongs to Kumo, however. She did have a sort of creepy thing going with Ellysand but he died before they could consumate, thank god.
    History: Born at the beginning of some sort of universe somewhere, Maneko simply blinked into existence specifically to hinder others and spread her message of slacking-offy-ness. Or something to that effect. She has done nothing in her life of note, except for maybe stealing the mantle of a great king and flushing it down his toilet, thus causing an enormous clog and sinking his island. She has also been credited with starting the network BET for no other reason than to piss off rednecks.
    Oddities: Maneko has the misfortune to have the chaos effect work on herself. When her tail is pulled (either accidentally or on purpose) she is blinked away to a random place and reappears in the form of Mizniko, the pink haired girl. Mizniko is a different person entirely. She's well-liked and easy to get along with. Maneko resents her for this. Both girls can remember what happens when they are in the other form. They serve as a balance for one another-- Maneko only does her job with such abandon because she lets Miz worry about the consequences. Without Miz, Maneko becomes an emotional wreck and doesn't do her job at all as the emotions she usually siphons off into Miz come back to her. (This has only happened once and the two have sworn never to seperate again, but Maneko is fickle and likely to try it again thinking it will be different... ) Why they exist in this way is unknown, but it is speculated that they were supposed to be twins and the chaos of Maneko caused them to fuse.
    Maneko is the creator of the "House of Pancakes" house in the Crossgen Universe, a house that didn't really make the move. She is not a member as she refuses to be affiliated with anyone, even herself.
    Though she enjoys ice-cream and cheese, she is lactose intolerant and any dairy products make her powers unpredictable (not that they aren't already...) or remove them entirely.
    Weaknesses: Dairy, having her tail pulled, depression, and, unfortunately for her, paralysis in the presense of giant spiders. (The irony of her falling in love with a man who is half spider is not lost on her.) Mizniko is not prone to the paralyzing fits that happen in a spider's presense, nor is she allergic to milk products, and she has no tail, she, however, is susceptable to innumerable things and is considered, for all intensive purposes, a normal human... Albeit a somewhat strange looking one with large ears and pink hair. Like Maneko, Miz does not age. Unlike Maneko, Miz can die. Miz's connection to Maneko is a carefully guarded secret that very few people are privy to.
    Agent of chaos and big ole cat girl

    "Do you understand what I'm sayin? No, you don't. Cause I don't." -- Meatwad
    "I'm a defective unicorn." -- Bob
    "Boo6yah!"-- Maneko

    "I will simply... deny you the throne and... .... live.... for-ever...." --King Francis in "Ever After"
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    Name: Zamael Thames
    Thread: Eden
    Title: Protector of Eden; Prince of the country of Thames; Royal Adviser to the Queen of Thames
    Race: human; shadow-walker
    Age: 22
    Height: about 5'11
    Weight: about 150 lbs
    Hair: black with a sheen reminiscent of crow's feathers; his hair is slightly longer than eye length and parted from his left eye.
    Eyes: black
    Skin: pale white with a sort of greyish tint to it; he doesn't get alot of sunlight...
    Clothing: Zamael is almost always wearing a black suit with white shirt and black tie. Lately, he has gotten some silver armor which he hasn't figured out how to take off. The best he has done is make it invisible.
    Personality: Zamael is mistrustful, but also naive and gullible. He thinks himself a worse person than he actually is and feels as if he must atone for things he has done in his past. He is usually morose and depressed, but he bears it well, seeing it a fitting punishment for being what he is. He talks little unless he is angry or excited. He is quick to anger and he is prideful. He doesn't like to ask for help. He's also kind and forgiving. His friends and loved ones he protects without question. He has a soft spot for animals and children; a bitter irony since they all hate him so much. Zamael has a strong moral code and does not like to harm others except in the most dire of circumstances. He is straight forward (even when he thinks he's being facicious... -_-) and he hates puzzles and riddles. Zamael is intelligent but not exceptionally so. He relies on others to come up with plans and strategies. He hates politics. Zamael is slightly socially inept. He does not like to deal with other people and always feels alienated. He can carry on conversation for the purpose of being courteous, but he dislikes it. He is not good at discerning the feelings of others unless it is quite obvious.
    Zamael's powers
    Major Powers: Shadow-walking; controlling shadows; creating dark matter items;
    Minor Powers: infecting things with shadows and then controlling them (this takes time); sharing his powers (easy to do with shadow creatures; difficult to do with other beings; takes away some of his own power); soul-naming (Zamael can look at a shadow creature and discern it's soul-name; when its name has been guessed a contract forms and the shadow-creature must not harm him and must obey him; thereafter, Zamael can call the shadow-creature to him anywhere; if a shadow-creature disobeys, it dies and the contract is released; the contracts also do not function if the soul is removed from the body)

    Zamael has possession of several of the Polar Eggs. Their powers, as of right now, only function on the planet Eden.
    Zamael's Polar Eggs
    Shadow Egg
    Light Egg
    Reality Egg
    Probability Egg
    Time Egg
    Each egg allows for power over the sphere mentioned.
    Family: Queen Vellerie Thames (mother) (deceased); father unknown
    Allies: Queen Asver of Thames (?) (deceased); Mekaar (shadow-creature)(deceased); Katrina Arnasis, Empress of Eden; Honor's Angel; Millenium; Exu; Kevin (Zamael is unaware that this Kevin and his enemy Kevin Arnasis are the same person)
    Enemies: Emissary Ellysand; The Alluluei (deceased); Kevin Arnasis; Felix
    History: Zamael was born to his mother the Queen of Thames on Eden (formerly Tchets). He was a well-liked as a child, but when he turned 5 he began to see things. His mother and the attendents at the palace woke often to him screaming in the night and insisting that there were monsters hiding in his closet or under his bed. They tried to console him and convince him otherwise, but to no avail. At the same time, the animals around the palace began to attack him out of fear. Not understanding what was happeneing he continued to seek them out until his mother no longer allowed it. His mother had the ability to command and speak with animals and she asked them why they attacked Zamael. They replied that he should not exist. Zamael still tried to find animals that wouldn't attack him anyway.
    Rumors began that perhaps the boy was an ill omen and people became afraid of him. His guards even became wary of him and they began to think he was crazy (though it was heresy to say it) because he continued to see monsters in his room. Eventually, his mother began to worry the same thing and Zamael, realizing that no one could see the creatures that always looked at him from the shadows, decided to lie. He pretended that they weren't there anymore, afraid of upsetting his mother more. Gradually, he became used to them and realized they couldn't come out. The damage was done, however, as far as the public of Thames was concerned, and they feared the day the Queen would die and they would be ruled by an insane boy.
    It was 2 years later that his powers, developing slowly, opened up the shadows around him and Zamael slipped into the shadow realm. He found a black puppy lying under the carcass of its slain mother, suffocating. He named the puppy Mekaar and it began to follow him. In the early days, Zamael fed him mice and the two became friends.
    They spent much time together, exploring the shadow realm and listening in on conversations they weren't supposed to hear. They got in fights with one another and avoided other creatures until Mekaar became large enough to hold his own. It only took a few months. In their encounters with other creatures Zamael learned how to name them, though he mostly did it out of self-defense. It became second nature to him to call out the names of the creatures he came across and he began to worry about whether he could be named. He spent 2 weeks staring at a mirror until he figured out his own shadow-name and named himself so that noone else would have the chance.
    He had a fairly pleasant childhood after finding Mekaar, though he was always a bit depressed and lonely, he made the best of it. When he was 17 his mother was assassinated, though noone was able to prove it was an assassination. Zamael blaimed her death on Ellysand because of the events that followed. Ellysand appointed the princess of a bordering country (Asver Montreve) the next Queen and she took Zamael as her advisor. Asver was easily manipulated by the Emissary and Zamael suspected this was the reason she was appointed (in actuality, there had always been talk between the former Queen and the Emissary of a union between the two countries that might stave off any wars between the two of them. The dual nature of Asver's appointment is still a mystery.). When the planet of Tchets was made uninhabitable by the god Millenium, the country of Thames was evacuated to a planet far away from the others. Zamael gradually filled the Queen with shadows, exerting his will on her bit by bit, until she was completely taken over and nothing more than a puppet. This continued for 5 years.
    Recent Events (the Eden thread)
    Recently, Zamael returned to Tchets, now Eden, with the Queen under the guise of negotiating the new borders of Thames. Their actual plan was to find the Emissary Ellysand and kill him. Zamael took to stalking Ellysand to find out for certain if he was the man who killed his mother. He found out about a plot to destroy the planet of Eden and about the Polar Eggs. He also found out about the presense of another shadow walker and fearing that the Queen would be overtaken by someone else, he decided to draw the shadows out of her and free her. In the day that followed, she died (at the hands of Kevin Arnasis, employed by Exu) and Zamael joined Katrina Arnasis, Mekaar and Maul (Millenium's dragon) to find the polar eggs. In the battle that followed on the following day Maul and Mekaar died and Honor's Angel renounced the throne. Zamael also killed his shadow animal, Vesthen, after he discovered his treachory. The evil entitiy commanding Ellysand was destroyed with the help of Kat, Millenium, and Exu. Zamael was named the Protector of Eden. Kat was named the new Empress of Eden and Zamael was charged with protecting her. Currently, it is his duty to protect not only Kat, but the polar eggs as well. During the fight, it was thought that Ellysand died, but afterword, the group was informed that he still lives. Ellysand and Zamael hate one another with a passion, although the reason for Ellysand's hatred is a mystery. Vesthen, recently deceased, has taken it upon himself to haunt Zamael and has, sofar, gone unnoticed as a ghost and Zamael thinks he is hearing things and going crazy.
    Weaknesses/Oddities: Normally, Zamael has trouble with light, although the acquisition of the light egg has changed this. Offworld, he may still be vulnerable to light. Zamael's allies are a (psychological) weakness for him. He doesn't like to put others in danger. Zamael's mind cannot be read, niether can he project thoughts to others without great effort. Thoughts can be projected to him, but he has trouble recieving them. He can speak telepathically using the darkforce (taught to him by Exu) but this can only be used to communicate with other shadow-creatures and may be overheard by other shadow-creatures or beings with shadow powers. Along with animals and children, plants and empaths detest his presense. This usually manifests itself as a creepy feeling when he is not using his powers.Children and animals are usually very uneasy around him and wish to flee or fight. In the case of animals, it's usually fight. When he is using his powers empaths and other people sensitive to auras find themselves literally sick or in pain. For this reason, Zamael tries not to use his powers around others but he particularly avoids empaths. Empaths can sense his presense in the shadows even though they may not know what they are senseing. Recently, through use of the reality egg Zamael dampened the aura of the shadow realm so that he does not affect things in a negative way.
    Shadow animals: Zamael has lost count of the animals he has named over the years. He uses a select few more often than others. A few of the known shadow animals are-- Mekaar (dog; deceased); Vesthen (panther; deceased, though he is haunting Zamael); Kassim (dragon); the Timmeron (mice); Nevarre (a shadow mare); Heston (? I forgot his damn name...)(ferret); Thestral (large demonic hawk)
    Light animals: Zamael currently has only one light animal that he may call-- Krang (minotaur)
    Shadow-walker and holder of 5 of the Polar Eggs, Prince of Thames and Protector of Eden.
    Empaths, plants, animals, children and those sensitive to auras feel uneasy around him when his shadow aura is on.
    All your manekochan are belong to us!
    Zamael's pic
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    Odds and Gods

    Odds and Gods

    Since it looks like it will be a long time before I am able to post for my characters with any sort of regularity (although I hope to get a brief flurry of posts out in May) I might as well use this as an opportunity to let people know where they are and a wee bit about them and their backgrounds.

    I'm not sure about a few bits and pieces here and with the trouble I've been having with the web site lately it's not practical to look things up so please excuse errors, inconsistencies, vacillations and plain I-don't-knows.

    Ben Macpherson. Present-day archaeological adventure story storyline.
    Basically a Horrible Little Man in the Nobby Nobbs tradition, except this one's got an old Land Rover and has been roped in to help a bunch of archaeological adventurers to get from A to B and hopefully to save the world in the process. Not that he cares; he's just in it for the money.
    Avatar is a still from "Dog Soldiers", probably of Sean Pertwee although Ben isn't even remotely as likeable as Pertwee's character from that film.

    Bert. Negation universe, "World of Karn" storyline.
    He's for a storyline that hasn't started yet. All I've figured out about him so far is that he's a dwarf who's gone a bit weird, gone a bit anti-social, moved to the big smoke and gone a bit native.
    Avatar is a stock avatar of Marvel's "Fixer". Who is also called Bert, but in his case it's short for something different.

    The Bringer of Darkness. Crossgen universe, The Realm of Nightmares storyline.
    Even Daleks have nightmares, and their biggest nightmare is a character named the Doctor (who viewers of "Doctor Who" may be familiar with).
    Avatar is a publicity shot of Tom Baker in character as the Doctor: the most unflattering one I could find. In the full-size picture he's actually running from a mob of Daleks.

    Cian. Crossgen universe (future), Aerysh storyline.
    One of Alexis' and William's triplet children from a future gone wrong, Cian is a young man aged beyond his years by his experiences. He's not happy about talking about them - he hasn't even shared what happened with his siblings, let alone anyone else - but now he's opened his mind up in a last-ditch attempt to distract his sister's would-be murderer anyone who was there knows how he feels. Last I had a chance to write for him, he was semi-catatonic as another of his family was rushing to Branwen's rescue.
    Avatar is one of the stock Elmore avatars. It looks a bit older than him but he's got the right sort of attitude.

    The Creature. Crossgen universe (future), Nightmare storyline.
    In the future, a number of nightmares were set free from the Realm of Nightmares and terrorise the waking world. The Creature is one of them, sowing seeds of the worst evil in the noblest of hearts.
    The avatar is from a music video, "Dirty Creature", performed by Split Enz. Track it down. The song's good, but the video is absolutely magnificent. Expert use of colour filters and underwater photography to create something really creepy. Plus a surprise random Ninja attack. Watch it. Now.

    Eldon. Crossgen universe, multiple storylines.
    Eldon is a slightly nervous teenage werewolf who's still coming to terms with his condition. Hunted down as a murderer on his homeworld, he escaped to the Secundae Orphanage where after a confrontation with the Silent Angel herself he came to an understanding about his condition and with his other self. After surviving an attack from a chaos-goddess intent on breaking his spirit, with Bellona's participation for her own amusement, Eldon accompanied Laura and Estrecca to Planet Tigers in an attempt to unlock the secrets of his past. With Laura and Estrecca both having left to fulfil their own destinies, and with his other friend, the warrior Varis, having disappeared while he was still at the Orphanage, he is now alone on Planet Tigers, learning to unlock the secrets of his new self under the careful watch of the planet's protectors.
    Avatar: Picture of a wolf I found on a Google image search. I used to alternate it with a picture of Peter Parker from the stock gallery, but that picture never really fit how I saw Eldon so I haven't used it for his new picture.

    Gamma. Crossgen universe, multiple storylines but generally seen in company with Ruri, the Clone and any number of talking rubber ducks. Has its own account but is included here for convenience. Is a Dalek. Yes, one of those Daleks. Doesn't do the "E" thing very much anymore but occasionally reverts to its old behaviour. For a while was the butt of any "tin can" joke going and will be again as soon as a certain Vampyre returns to this universe. Was last seen trying to chat-up an ornate eight-tier wedding cake under the mistaken impression that it was another Dalek. May or may not be horrified at the subsequent scene of what it would consider cannibalism. But it will probably get over it, it managed to get over its saucer being blown up after all.
    What nobody knows about Gamma: Actual "humanised Daleks" just like Gamma were in an actual "Doctor Who" serial filmed in 1967, starring Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines. The grand denouement showed Daleks being humanised and de-humanised, rather like a pack of metallic star-bellied Sneetches, and erupting into full-scale Dalek vs. Dalek action as the Doctor and company made a quick getaway. The actual televised episode no longer exists (BBC record-keeping at its worst), but behind-the-scenes footage of the Dalek war survives, showing a model city in flames with numerous wind-up toy Daleks being incinerated. Imagine one of those wind-up toy Daleks escaping in a Dalek time machine, setting the controls for the wrong universe by mistake and you've got up to Gamma's introduction to the Crossgen universe.

    Gerry SIMPLE universe and storyline.
    The Six Million Dollar Idiot, Gerry is the original bionic moron. He's the Homer Simpson of cyborgs. When last seen he was trying to work out how to deal with a frightened acid-wielding humanoid at a fruit stand. If he had a few more brain cells he'd already be suggesting the guy eat with his mouth, not his hands...
    Avatar is a Bruce Banner one from the stock TV avatars. Don't think it resembles the character much at all but it was the best I could think of at short notice.

    Khyri. Crossgen universe, multiple storylines.
    Son of Millennium and Bellona (which makes him Absolutely Not Honor's Angel's Favourite Person despite being an allegedly cute little rascal). Having been born without a soul he's currently a very ill little boy; "failure to thrive" is what a pioneer doctor would have called it. So far his has been a joyless existence: without that essential spark of spirit he cannot learn, cannot grow, cannot take after his mother or father. Despite his current activities his future powers - if he even does have a future - are not going to be smell-based. As far as I know he's being looked after by an uncle who hasn't posted in months, as his parents hunt for the Silent Angel in order to save him.
    The avatar is the only baby photo I could find at short notice. It dates back to the late `sixties which explains why it is in black and white. Persons wishing to criticize the pale skin tone of the picture are welcome to find a better baby photo somewhere. Particularly if he's got red streaks in his hair. Not looking at any character's father in particular.
    What nobody knows about Khyri: I'd been having ideas for a complicated story for a while (and getting some of them down in words) because, joking aside, it was a bit of a nuisance not having a First character to do horrible things to. I hadn't got around to the stage of sounding out people to be his parents, but high up on the short list was Millennium as he had the sort of personality that would make Khyri a believable son of his (certainly compared with some of the other First!). So when Tigs and Mill asked me if I wanted to write for Bellona and Mill's son, things fell into place very quickly.

    Mac. Marvel universe, Apartment X storyline.
    A Marvel mutant character with a completely useless mutant power - so insignificant that he never even knew it until he was sniffed out by a mutant detector while trying to enter the United States (completely legally and above-board). Now he's one of the "disappeared", working undercover as a sleeper agent for a shadowy government organisation in exchange for his life. Probably isn't going to return to the storyline as his best foil in the original story was a character who probably won't be back now that he's an actually professionally published character.
    Avatar is one of the stock Final Fantasy avatars that has a fairly Antipodean look to it. It's probably just as well Mac's story has stalled now that Corey is using the same picture: less confusion that way.

    Meriana. Crossgen universe, Mattson's Angels storyline.
    Meriana was a seemingly normal human from an underground (? - never been quite sort of that part of the story) village (which may or may not have been some sort of Matrix Quadrant version of Coober Pedy) and was its sole survivor after an attack by a spider-priest/shaman/whatever. After using her hunting skills to offer some small assistance to the Gun Saint Elixia, the Dragon Knight (?) Jalissa and the dragon Jasper in defeating said spider cleric, she accompanied the three back to Mattson's castle where they rescued the princess Cao from the clutches of her uncle (? - hurry up and update the family bush, someone, please) Night, earning his undying enmity and subsequently escaping to the Secundae Orphanage where the group were offered sanctuary by Millennium. When last seen she was slightly overcome with nerves at all the high-powered gods floating around and is hoping nobody notices her; even though in the past she has been known to lose patience with certain princesses and imply that if she was their mother, they'd be going straight to their room, First or no First...
    What nobody knows about Meriana: She's got latent powers that she just doesn't know about yet, but they are already beginning to manifest themselves. Why does she get lost so often? It's not just because her scriptwriter is very unreliable and needs to explain where she's been when she misses the start of a major confrontation.
    What hardly anybody knows about Meriana: She's only got one "n" in her name. It's four syllables, with the accent on the third which is an "a" as in "father".

    The Mouse. Crossgen universe, multiple storylines.
    This diminuitive firebrand is one of the Ferals who protect Planet Tigers. His skills are in infiltration, sabotage and sheer stubbornness. He can change from a humanoid form (somewhat gnomish) to a perfect replica of a real mouse (except in his size), but prefers a hybrid form with mouse senses and opposable thumbs. He's been around: helping to fight slavers on Aubrey's planet, keeping a watch on his beloved Chief while she hob-nobs with the high and mighty; at one such hob-nob he latched onto a pirate who acted with unwarranted familiarity towards his Chief. When last seen the Mouse was camping out in a typewriter near said pirate's cabaña, carefully sabotaging his rum supplies in order to see if a sober pirate is any more likely to apologise to his Chief.
    Avatar is a Pauline Baynes illustration of the character Reepicheep from C S Lewis' "Prince Caspian". The Feral Mouse is a much more earthy character than Lewis' noble Talking Mouse, but the two characters do share certain personality traits, such as the unwillingness to see size as a disadvantage.

    The Scriptwriter. Real life or some facsimile thereof.
    Do not approach this man. If seen, retreat to a safe distance and phone the city Noise Control. If he looks like he's about to start singing, cover your ears immediately. He's an even worse singer than your friendly neighbourhood Dalek (see Gamma, above).

    Tauhou. Crossgen universe.
    A mysterious stranger who has only one shown up so far: to offer a tribute at a funeral. He'll be back.
    Avatar is a stock Crossgen avatar. Looks fairly close to how Tauhou looks: he's rather weather-beaten and has had a very difficult life.
    What nobody knows about Tauhou: His name means "stranger".

    Wulff. Crossgen universe, Planet Tigers storyline.
    Wulff is a very old (indeed, quite ancient) werewolf who has been just too busy to even think of dying just yet. For quite some time now he's been living on Planet Tigers and is at least tolerated by the planet's protectors. He's about to go and tell the boss tiger herself some news the Furry Mother let slip while she was asking his opinion on something; currently he's just waiting on a little miniature wyvern who was supposed to have shown up months ago. Hint Hint.
    Avatar is another stock Elmore one. It looks a lot like Wulff, although it doesn't actually look much like a werewolf (so me being me I've thought of a bit of a story as to why Wulff looks that way).
    What nobody knows about Wulff: I'd originally thought of the character a very long time ago, when Lollipop invited me to join the old "Underworld" storyline. Her suggestion was a wise old werewolf. In the end the story slowed down with Lolli, Mirth and Slippy getting "real lives" so nothing ever happened. But the character idea wouldn't go away and if that story ever starts up again and turns out to have happened in the past in the Crossgen universe (or on an Earth-like planet: I don't remember any real-world names being used in the old Underworld storyline) he will have been there in his younger years, an early 20th century type gentleman named Edward Wulff (probably with a middle initial).
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