An alien citadel hidden within the fabled Blue Area of the moon...

[img=left][/img]I am Uatu, the Watcher. It is my duty to observe humanity. To silently watch their every moment. From the very mundane to the amazing events that will go on to live as legands. My citadel has been equipped to observe and record every moment of every inch of the planet Earth. It is within the records of my citadel that the histories of any and all can be accessed. The origins of any event can be explored. And anything taking place in the present can be watched. Though my cosmic senses allow me to see and know all that happens on the human world my citadel allows me to save all I have seen since the first glimmer of humanity evolved from the beasts and all I will continue to see until someday the last human has breathed their final breath.

For I am Uatu, the Watcher. It is my duty.

((On this thread anything that takes place in the past and/or present can be posted. Here we can post events from our characters history in order to help explain certain things about their origins or to just explore their backgrounds a little. And if there's anything that doesn't fit in with the current SL (not happening in the Monster Isle area and not currently tied to the story in any way) then it can be posted here as well. This is just a place to post any odds and ends that we may need posted.))

((The basic concept is that what's posted here is from the records in the Watcher's citadel. I just thought it was a neat idea that could be used to loosely unify whatever is posted here. ))