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Thread: The Questers...

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    The Questers...

    The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/vector.jpg[/img]**The money's good, and to Alex that's as good a reason as any to fly into hell on earth. Stane industries lost one of their new prototype spy planes. An automated little beauty with full stealth capability and the works, went haywire, eight-hundred million in developement must not have been enough, and crashed out in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. The techs managed to track the wreckage to some small island out in the middle of nowhere. A cozy little corner of the globe that everyone likes to call Monster Island. So Stane Industries, rather than risking their own people, went out and hired themselves specialists in dealing with things like islands infested with giant, and not so giant but still dangerously scary, monsters. Alex wouldn't consider himself an expert on monsters, but hey, the money's that good. And why wouldn't it be good, they're not only paying him to go to one of the most dangerous places on the planet, but to also beat any agents from rival corperations to the crashed plane as well. Stane Industries rivals would pay a fortune to gain the technical information kept on the spy plane's black box. These enemy agents can be almost anything, professional mercinaries, superbeings for hire like Alex, something or someone the rival corperation's sceince department cooked up or maybe just some well meaning superhero thinking he's doing a good deed for the day. Practically anyone could have been sent here to get to that crash before Alex does. That's why the pay's so good.
    **The V-glider swoops lower towards the vast blue expance that has consumed the landscape from horizon to horizon since it departed that Stane Industries yacht that was kind enough to get the flying triangle shaped platform of gleaming metal close enough to fly the rest of the way to Monster Island on its own. The glider is great for getting places quickly, it's fast, it flies with anti-gravity technology, it manuevers gloriously under telekinetic control, its surface produces a weak forcefield to keep its riders from falling off during flight but doesn't immobilize or trap them, it can carry up to five people, but it's not made to travel more than a hundred miles or so before it needs a recharge. Alex was able to buy the glider cheap from an auction of old equipment from various super-teams, but it didn't come with its original power source and the replacement just isn't made for long trips. But that's fine, it gets the job done and even sort of matches the whole "v" motif that he's incorperated into places throughout his costume, the uniform of Vector, psychic hero for hire. His costume, a modified verion of the armored/unstable-molecules uniform he was given during his time with a rather tragic incarnation of the X-men. The border between the azure of his upper costume and black of the lower starts low on the center of his chest and runs up to his shoulders in a triangular shape. The blue upper portion of his costume blends almost seemlessly into the mask that conceals his face from his jaw up to the bridge of his nose, leaving more than half of his head uncovered and his short, spikey blonde hair to slightly waver on the currents of the winds he flies through. His forearm length gloves and pouch covered belt are also light blue. His belt buckle presents a red "v", a little silly but it's just something to replace the "X" what was once there. Alex, aka Vector, stands on the very tip of the triangular flying vehicle. His psychic powers pilots the glider with the speed and grace of thought itself as a green mass begins to take shape on the horizon, as if the distant island is peeking over the edge vast blue ocean to see who's foolish enough to approach it. Alex's green eyes stare upon that rough shape on the very edge of the horizon. He stares and reminds himself that he isn't afraid of what horrors lurk on those distant shores. He also reminds himself that the money's good.**

    Cerebro-ite, scan ahead.

    **His voice is channeled through the air filters in his mask with only a slight alteration, to disguise his voice and further hide his identity. A small device in one of his belt pouches chirps to life and relay's a message from a machine that's even further away directly into Alex's mind. It's a mechanical voice inside of Alex's mind, it smells like e-mail and feels as cold as a soda machine, or at least that's what his brain's telling him.**


    Ugh. Thanks, you've been a big help, as always.

    **A psychic ex-X-man, on a flying triangle, soaring towards a scary and very danger monster covered island to go recover the black box of a crashed spy plane. It's quite the life he leads. He can't help but let out a small chuckle as he glances towards his side, on the glider.**

    At least the money's good, even if it is split down the middle, right?

    **The masked man addresses his companion on this journey through the sky over the Pacific ocean. His partner on this dangerous mission, and countless others that have come before this one.**
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/bel-av.jpg[/img] This would not be the first time she found herself looking back on the past several years and asking herself, What was she thinking? Ocean colored eyes scan the ocean far below them and before them as she regresses down a dark alleyway of thoughts. It was only a few years ago when she was with the X-men. For Beloved, who'd been alive since before the Bolsheviks came, that was only a tiny speck on the map of life. She'd been infected in the very beginning, when they came for her at the circus, by the very man she was with now, actually. A little scratch of the claws and BAM! people were in her head, she was in other peoples' heads. She didn't much care for that.

    Beloved was a very private person. Always had been. Even on the V-glider, which annoyingly went with her partner's motif, she ignored the blond haired youth next to her. The shapeshifter quietly lifted her gloved fingers and let the ct-like fingernails beneath made a soft tap-tap-tap-tap-tap noise as she drummed the craft's hull. Her crimson hair was tied tightly back in a ponytail close to the base of her skull and her black outfit, covering her from neck to toe caught the warmth of the sun. For a moment, Bel's ocean-colored eyes closed and a guttural purr escaped from between her closed lips. She stretched in the most cat-like way and remained stretched out on the floor, shield, whatever it was that kept her from falling into the water below, and looked up at Alex.

    Bel thought it ridiculous the way he advertised himself by plastering V's all over his body. At least the azure color of part of his garb matched his green eyes. That was always a plus, but the V's had to go. Nightstalker, as she was called, preferred less eye-catching attire... hence the black knee-high boots, long black gloves, black everything. She supposed, as a post-criticism afterthought, that her costume worked for her line of work and he for his.

    Still... she didn't have to like it.

    Bel smelled the change in the air that signaled the approach of land before it had even begun to come upon them. Her equally sensitive hearing could pick Alex's voice from the mechanism which filtered it. She could hear his breathing and his blood pushing through his veins. She could almost hear the impulse nerves firing in his brain. Perhaps... if she listened hard enough...

    "You find this funny?"

    Beloved, Nightstalker, looked back down at the island that was approaching, a vast first of green... almost (the feline side of her nudged) like a home she never got to experience. She paused a moment as if harvesting the words she would use from a vast landscape. Then her fluid alto voice laced the air with its beautiful Russian accent.

    "Da, comrade. As always."
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/vector.jpg[/img]**Alex's gloved fingers unlock a clip that keeps one of his belt pouches securely closed and reaches inside as he responds to Bel. His mask alters the man's voice but does nothing to hide the hint of excitement in his tone.**

    C'mon, Bel, what's not to find funny. Except for the fact that we're flying to an isolate island where all of the beasts and critters that normally live deep underground come up to attack anyone that sets foot there.

    **The blonde finally pries a small metallic cylinder free from the pounch. The metal object is about the length of a thumb, one end comes to a dulled point with a tiny hole on the very tip, the other end of the cylinder has a red button imbedded in it, and on the side, right in the middle of the device, is a small compartment with a grey liquid filled capsule stored inside. Alex brings up the cylinder device for a quick visual inspection before shaking it. Within a few moments tiny silver flecks can be seen lazily dancing within the grey liquid.**

    Oh, and it's also the place where the governments of the world shove the various giant monsters once they're been captured after stomping their way through cities. And we have to wander through that monster packed island looking for one crashed plane.

    **Alex finds a small divet within the inside wrist of his left glove, which he fits the pointed end of the cylinder into. Once the device is in place the masked man depresses the red button and injects the grey/silver solution through the hole in his costume and directly into his blood stream. From Alex's perspective it's a breif sting in his wrist, followed by a cold sensation running through his arm that quickly fades away. The cold would be the chemical solution, and the millions of microscopic nanite devices it contains, flowing through his blood stream before saturating his entire body.**

    Ah, good to go for forty-eight more hours.
    Oh, and don't get me started on the other jokers that may or may not also be on their way to look for the plane as well.

    **Alex looks over the device once more, checking the half capsule filled with the remaining grey and silver liquid, before placing the cylinder back into the belt pouch.**

    It's funny. Maybe it's just subtle humor.

    **It really wasn't funny, but Alex has the habit of tricking himself to believe practically anything in order to rationalize almost any situation. It's a trait that has helped him survive his time with this costume, with these powers. It's something he developed in the early days, back when he was first infacted. Alex was not a member of the X-men because he was a mutant, far from it, he's human with entirely unspectacular DNA, he was a member because he's infected by a mutant with the ability to become a sentient virus. Mairy, at one time the love of his life, before her mutation triggered. It looked like she was dying of some unknown desease when her ability first started to develope. Alex stayed by her side the entire time. He thought he'd mourn her forever, always carrying her in his heart. Alex finds the irony of that belief most definately funny, since upon her death Mairy's consciousness was released within the form of a virus that infected Alex. Mairy almost killed him until she was able to exert some basic control over herself. Alex agreed to allow Mairy to remain within him to help her to learn to control herself, which she couldn't do isolated in a test tube somewhere. And so they joined the X-men so she could learn to control her powers. She was also able to grant Alex psychic powers as well as a few enhanced physical attributes to make him a valuable part of the team, or as much a part of the team as the highly contagious boy that always had to wear an air filtration mask and spent half of his time living in a plastic bubble could become. There were some accidents, a few had been infected, a few like Bel. Gradually it became apparent that Mairy was loosing touch with her humanity, viral instincts were just too strong to overcome. She became as big a threat as any of the supervillains that Alex and the X-men had fought. And so Alex now has to use specially programmed nanites to keep Mairy catatonic and to kill off any of the virus that manages to get out of his body, which means he doesn't need the air filtering mask all of the time, nor does he have to spend most of his time locked away and isolated. Heck, Bel could cut him with her claws without worrying about being infected again, not that she would ever do that again.
    **The money for this mission is good, it's good for at least five more months of nanites plus some living expences and possibly a big screen TV.**

    So, -um- "camrade", what are you going to spend your share of the reward on?

    **A slightly nervous question as the island began to loom larger before them. In the distance a white sand beach seemed to welcome them, swaying trees of a dense inland jungle swayed and beaconed to them and furthing back a mountian reached up towards the clouds as if claiming to be the largest thing on this seemingly tropical paradise. Alex would guess some slithering horror probably lies under that sand, untold beasts hides within the dense jungle and no doubt something larger than the mountain sits and waits just behind it. It wasn't what he could see that left that nervous little knot in the pit of his stomach, it was all of the things he couldn't see. But that's okay, he's been nervous while on missions before and he's always gotten through them. He's got the powers, he's got the experience and he's got the cat-lady sidekick. Alex smirks at thinking of Bel as a sidekick, it's a brief thought and an even briefer smirk because he knows she'd probably gut him for things like that. Or at least bounce him off of the glider and into the water. In any case, he's got someone that can be as scary as any monster on the island fighting on his side, that makes the situation seem a little brighter already.**
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/bel-av.jpg[/img] A faint hiss and the tinkling of miniscule flecks registered in Bel's ears over Alex's voice. It took a second, but the residual smell of the whatever Alex injects into his arm reaches Bel's nose. She huffs the sent away and shakes her head to clear the air by her face. With great strength, she resisted rubbing her gloved hands across her nose. Alex's words do not go unregistered. Always 48 more hours. Again, with a huff-like cough, Bel clears the lingering scent of his injection from her nose and rolls over so that her back is to Alex. She is still stretched out in a very seductive, cat-like pose.

    "Nyeh... governments. For such important bodies of people they make stupidest mistakes. You try being secret agent in Bolshevik crisis. That is worse than your monsters."

    Her words wounded anything but impressed. In a manner always wrapped in mystery and too little detail to give much away, Bel lets go another spot of information about her past. A spot and nothing more. Her ocean colored eyes took another look at the approaching landmass and then closed to let the dark black of her clothes soak up the sun.

    Since she was turned away from him, Alex would not see the utter distaste in Bel's eyes as they snapped open. Were she a cat, her fur would have stood up on end. In fact, the naturally longer auburn hairs on her body did pin prick to attention. Claws stretched the latex fabric of her gloves until tiny tears were made in the strong material. Bel took a deep breath and the claws retracted. her body muscles unclenched. The infant does not know the true meaning of the word comrade, Bel patronizes herself in her mother-tongue. He does not know better. He is scared for the big fight ahead.

    "Nuclear missile" said the Nightstalker "For making things like this destroyed. Very simple. Take care of everything. No more monsters."

    She was not serious, of course, but her calm Russian voice would not give that away. In fact, her English wasn't always so broken... but she was relaxed and the natural fluidity of her Russian accent glazed over everything like frosting on a doughnut. What would she actually spend it on? Well... that was her secret to divulge in once the money was earned. She snuffed again at the smell of apprehension. The boy reeked of it. Bel remained rolled on her side, facing the ocean rather than her partner.

    "If monster can smell as I do then they know we are coming. You stink of fear."
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/vector.jpg[/img]**Alex shakes his head from side to side in small, gradual motions.**

    I got it. I got it. This is one of those times when I should keep my questions to myself. Forgive me for showing an interest.

    **When his "stink of fear" is mentioned, Alex raises up his right arm and attempts to sniff at his armpit, an impossible feat since his his air filtration mask prevents odors from reaching his nose, but that's not the point.**

    Really? But my deoderant did all of this bragging about a clean, manly scent on its label. Hnm, I guess I should switch brands.

    **He lowers his arm back down just as the V-glider descends down to fly less than a meter above the waters surrounding the island. The flying, triangular platform slows its approach slightly as Alex carefully studies the white sanded beach that is less than two dozen yards ahead of him. Once he is certain that if there is anything lurking on that beach it's probably invisible, and so there's little he can do about it from out here, he speeds up the glider and covers the remaining stretch of ocean within heartbeats. The triangular vehicle comes to a soft landing on the beach and its anti-gravity engines hum softly as they shut down and begin the process of recharging their spent power reserves. The years of X-men field mission training speaks through Alex as he looks down upon his partner on this mission.**

    Okay, 'Stalker, game time.
    How about you scout the area while I hide the glider under some sand with my telekinesis. Then we can figure out our next move from there.

    **And the blonde man hopes this is one of those rare occassions when his strategy meets with Bel's approval.**
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/bel-av.jpg[/img] "Da. Smart child. Learning quick."

    He would not see it, but Bel actually smiled as she lay on her side. Perhaps she was a bit too much with Alex sometimes. She couldn't help it- it's her nature just as sure as a flower's nature is to bloom. Bel rose her head a bit and quietly sniffed at the air. Foreign smells greeted her. Nothing of danger... just... different. She would have to remember to stay down wind where she could catch smells easier. When the glider landed she rose with fluid ease, as if she were meant to do that sole act all her life. Her ocean colored eyes scanned the immediate area around them, piercing the dense foliage for any signs of immediate movement or danger. She found none. She did not look at Alex, not yet.

    "Oh right. Send cat-lady to be monster bait while you park car."

    It was then that Beloved looked at Alex. A hint of a smile was on her ruby colored lips. the thrill of the hunt was in her eyes which looked strangely and quite suddenly like a cat's. Then, just like that, she took off at a sprint across the sand. It took a single stride for her to twist and reshape her cells into that of a Siberian Tiger's cells. It took seconds for her body to stretch and re-shape in mid flight. She landed with four paws, stripes, and a tail. You would think her a complete creature of the wild had you not seen her change, or the quick shift from one form to another. Alex would not see the ocean-colore cat eyes again, for all at once Beloved, the Nightstalker, leapt into the underbrush and was gone.
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/vector.jpg[/img]**Alex isn't one to stare, he's been around the mutant community long enough to become immune to the sights that would cause most to look upon with wide eyes and opened mouths, but the sight of Bel transforming and leaping to the hunt never ceases to leave him silently staring at her, and soon where she once was as she vanishes into the jungle. Moments later he shakes off the amazment and focuses on the task at hand. He stretches out a gloved hand towards the beach beside the landed glider. Unseen psychic forces sweep over the ground and push and blow sand over the metallic surface of the vehicle. As he goes about concealing the aircraft Alex speaks out in a casual tone, as if he were addressing someone sitting across a dinner table from him.**

    Yeah, I like to keep the fun tasks all for myself. Now be careful, if you run into anything big give a holler, or just think real loud and I should be able to hear you.

    **Slowly the V-glider is consumed by the sands, until it is eventually concealed from anyone that may approach the island. Once finished with that minor task Alex wipes non-existant dust from his hands, as if he had just finished some little chore. His green eyes look up from the white sand and gazes upon the thick jungle and the towering mountain that lies beyond it. The masked man stares upon the unusual mountain for a few moments.
    **A chilling voice, carved out of a chest born growl, nudges Alex' hearing and sends shivers up his spine.**



    **The masked man turns around to see a hulking figure lunge forth from the surf that timidly approaches and retreats from the beach. Again the leaping creature speaks in the inhuman voice that sounds like it is being dragged across gravel.**


    **Most of its body is made up of its skull, which is sheathed in tightly stretched grey skin and throbbing veins. The beasts head rests entirely upon the space between its shoulders and curves over and down towards its hunched back. It's ape like arms reach out for Alex as its small, stout legs sends it flying from the water and towards the blonde man. Alex instinctively pulls his hands up and tries to aim them towards the monster, but his movements prove to be slower than his opponents as the creature slams into him. The monster's massive hands take hold of Alex' scalp, its fingers threaten to crush the man's skull with its unnatural strength. The creature kneels upon Alex' chest, its body is smaller than the human's but it's distorted anatomy and super strength provides it with the bulk needed to pin down the psychic. Again it speaks.**


    **Alex reaches up with a gloved hand and sends forth a battering ram of mental forces into his attacker. The creature is hit squarely in its distorted chest and is sent flying up and across the beach. It lands head first into the sand. It's massive skull absorbs the impact with no harm and the beast quickly scrambles to its feet. As it drops down onto all fours and begins to madly run towards Alex it once again voices the young man's thoughts.**


    **Alex staggers back, as if the loss of his ability to think of Bel's name were some physical thing slamming into him.**


    **The beast once again lunges at Alex.**


    **This time the masked man's hands are swifter than his opponent. His raises both palms towards the creature and icy green light snaps out and stikes the beast. It's a lightning bolt made entirely of psychic energy. It silently hits the grey monster with enough force to cancel the momentum of its leap and send it sailing backwards and splaching down into the water, nearly a dzen yards away from the beach. The large headed monstrosity vanishes beneath the surface, taking its mentally parasitic presence with it. Alex closes his eyes and concentrates. Within moments he gives a nod to the mental inventory.**

    There, all back to normal. And Bel said I stank of fear. Pffft, I kicked that things butt. I think she was just smelling the monsters being afraid of me. Oh yeah. Heh, heh, heh.
    Man, that thing was ugly.
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    I thought the whole situation was pretty funny. I like irony, and I’m finding out just how many people don’t. Y’know, I like being the one with the pencil for a change. There was a time when I wasn’t, and there’s the irony. I laugh, which only makes things worse. Beside me, Ryan scowls and sits back in his chair, drawing squeaks of protest from the springs. I wonder if one day they’ll just snap and he’ll roll head over heels into the wall. THAT would be funny, and I bet that the chumps behind the glass would even crack a smile. But I gotta get back to the job, so I turn my attention to the other occupant of the stinky little room.

    The person on the other side of the table is always someone different, but
    the outcomes follow one of a few prescribed options. There are the shouters, the whiners, the nervous tip-givers and the liars. The liars are my personal favorite, mostly because with some love and attention they turn into whiners or shouters at the end of it. I like variety. This one’s definitely a liar. I can tell because I’ve been there – I know. I start in, seeings how I’ve already identified myself as the “bad cop
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    James stifled a bit of a laugh when the phone was answered. He enjoyed abusing the comlink in his helmet.

    "Hello, Joe. I got a bit of a fresh one here for you. Boomerang was the theif and wouldn't you know it, I was extra security. Thought you might like to charge him."

    He looked down to the unconcious man in his metalic arm. The fight wasn't much. Boomerang had been expecting Spider-man or some other street level hero not a guy in an armored suit who could filter out his sonic attacks and feilds of the Force armor could take any explosions.

    "After that, I was thinking I'd kidnap you for a working vacation to the south pacific. Just need to find a black box from a plane that went down then its Hawaii for a week of sun, sand and surf. OK. so there is a bit of danger involved before hand but I know you'll enjoy it."

    The recolored and revamped Force armor circled over the police station awaiting a reply. Inside it James grinned. He knew his employers would hate this stunt and Nancy would get a laugh or two from it.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Re: The Questers...

    Re: The Questers...

    [img=left]http://qwaring.com/bel-av.jpg[/img] Under any normal circumstances, it would not be beyond normal to see a tiger prowling through a thick, dense jungle. What was different about this tiger of the Siberian variety as that it had eyes the color of the ocean- not that there was anyone here of value within sight to see that. Still, the large cats seemed to proceed with caution, like it were on the trail of some very delectable prey or entering into another tiger's territory.

    She could smell them now that she was in the thick of the jungle. She could smell them everywhere. Foreign smells. Unnatural smells. More then once she had to stop and huff the scents out of her nose to clear her mind. She would continue with carefully and slowly placed paws as wide as a man's skull. Her eyes were alert, looking forward. She was on the trail, a caught a scent, relatively close by. She needed an idea for what they were up against. So far things were quiet... too quiet...

    All that was about to change.

    A faint rustling noise was her only warning. She had only the time to just flick her black-tipped ears backward to catch that faint noise. She'd just begun to turn her feline head upward, when the forest erupted in the high-pitched whistling by the thousands.

    Darkness enveloped Beloved. She thrashed at her unseen assailants. Something gripped her head tightly and dug what felt like claws or teeth into her neck. The stench was foul as rotting earthworms on pavement and slim coated her head like the saliva of a gaping maw. She could not open her eyes but lifted a paw to swat wildly at the thing on her face. Something wailed and detached. She rolled, feeling things not a part of her own body squishing beneath her. She opened her eyes and looked upward to see a curtain of darkness raining down upon her. Ahead of her the forest melted into swamplands.

    The Nightstalker's ears drew back and her hindquarters hunched.


    It was her only thought, quick and slurred in beautiful Russian. It would not be vocalized in feline form. Only a loud roar would echo through the thick forests. Her thought, her one single thought, would be loud enough to hear if the roar wasn't.
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